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May 11, 2017
Android 7.0+
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  • Madvinegar

    Installed fine on my s7 edge exynos variant, even after the April Security patch. Anyone know what is different in this update?

    • Speedy

      Might be my imagination but seems a bit quicker to open the app drawer

      • Hugo Oliveira

        Can confirm. It’s extremely snappy now! Finally lol. S7 Edge Exynos April patch.

    • Mauricio Quintero Castro

      Cómo hace para que aparezca la hora de la pantalla de bloqueo en el formato de los números redondeados ?

  • BlessNeal

    Seems quicker on my s6 edge plus as well but that’s about all I can tell with this update

  • Djuganight

    the only difference I see is that previous was v6.1.01 and now is v6.1.02
    the need to see things faster and faster make you guys suffer from placebo effect ehehehe

    • Hugo Oliveira

      The app drawer IS faster, so stop your bs. Ehehhehehhe

      • Djuganight

        Go take the “next day pill” and that will go away.

        • Hugo Oliveira


          • hm

            Why are you listening to him? Asshole

          • Djuganight

            Ass hole is the place of your birth

          • hm

            You know that baby … when you do not like what’s written about this version so here you do not even dmnt

  • Vlatko Trpeski

    seems quicker on my s6

  • Y3llowB


    Bug Fix: Font colour of icon text is correctly shown when applying a theme

  • bocie

    Little bit too much gap under the Dock icons (S6 edge plus). Drawer aniamtios (when swype up/down) litlle bit lagy all the time but Better than previous versions. Verry nice and usable launcher.

    • BlessNeal

      It works fine for me no problem at all on s6 edge plus

  • PanosM

    S6 and S6 edge don’t have the options to take a longer snapshot when you make a screenshot. Please fix this.
    Also “icons with frame” doesn’t work either.

    • BlessNeal

      It works fine for me no problem at all

  • Arnab Saha

    Installing this on my s7edge nougat was just a nightmare…it crashed constantly making my s7e completely unusable…just somehow i manged to switch off the phone and format it…and sadly all of my precious data was lost

  • Maciej Kowalski

    Installed the latest version on my exynos s7 edge. Works good at first, but after a few hours it starts to stutter, lag and drop frames. The only fix is to restart the phone. Two previous version of TW were much better, however there was still random stuttering while opening app drawer. For me the stock S7 edge TW works the best. I like the new one much better though. Perhaps a complete wipe would fix my issues, but I don’t have time for this.