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Multiple bugs fixed.
Communicate with all your coworkers using one messenger. Find everyone in one place, without having to switch between chat apps and trying to remember who uses which one under which username.

Yamb is integrated with the company directory, so you won't have to create a login and compile a contacts list. Everything's ready to go. To chat with a colleague, just start typing their name in the search bar, and Yamb will understand who you mean.

Write a private message when you want to clarify a quick point or invite a coworker to lunch. Start a group chat when you need to discuss a project with people from different departments. Instantly add whole teams and departments to group chats.

Send screenshots, mock-ups, presentations, documents, and cat videos. Yamb makes it easy to collaborate and get your point across.

All Yandex.Connect data is sent over a secure connection. Rest assured that no one will be able to intercept your files and messages.

Yamb is part of the Yandex.Connect toolset. Only employees of companies that are connected to Yandex.Connect can take advantage of Yamb.
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April 3, 2019
Android 5.0+
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September 18, 2019
July 26, 2019