Manage Yandex.Direct ad campaigns on the go whether you are an independent advertiser or agency. With the mobile app you can:

Control ad impressions
Launch and stop whole ad campaigns, individual ads, or even keywords.

Top up your balance
Add funds to your account with a credit card, with Yandex.Money, or get a Yandex.Direct payment code for your account to use at ATMs and payment terminals. You can also make deferred payments, or reallocate funds between ad campaigns.

Set bids
Automatically calculate bids for the search position or network audience coverage you want. Set a common bid for all keywords, or allocate separate bids for each keyword.

View statistics
See your account statistics for separate campaigns and ad groups.

Stay up to date
Browse a notifications feed that lists campaign events, and contains information on your clicks and impressions, such as position, CTR, and moderation results.
From version Yandex.Direct 2.5.2:
Introducing a new version: we've completely overhauled our infrastructure and improved the protection of your data. The application become more stable and reliable.
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December 13, 2018
November 28, 2018
October 8, 2018