Yandex.Metro helps you find the optimal route to your destination on the metro in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Kharkiv, Minsk and Istanbul with no internet connection required.

Find the right route with ease:
• Tap stations on the map to quickly choose your start and end points.
• Know which train car to take to save time when switching lines.
• See how much time your underground journey will take.
• Learn in advance when stations on your route are open or closed and when platforms are closed for certain directions.

Keep track of your tickets:
• Hold your ticket to your phone to see how many journeys you have left (your device must support Near Field Communication).
• Top up your “Troika” travel card (available in Moscow only).

The app suggests enabling the Yandex search widget for the notification panel.
From version Yandex.Metro — detailed metro map and route times 3.2.1:
May 15 is Metro Day, and we've prepared something special for you. Open the app on the 15th and do some exploring.
Also, using the app in landscape mode is now super convenient — check it out.
(x86) (Android 4.4+)
Latest: 3.0.1 on March 15, 2019
All versions