Instant answers to all your questions on one Yandex app screen – weather forecast, current traffic, breaking news, currency exchange rates, TV listings, running movies, closest POIs. And you can Yandex it for what to cook for dinner or whose song is playing on the radio. Type, speak or upload a picture to find all the answers. Yandex your way through life:

• Check the weather forecast and current traffic.
• Follow events in Russia and other countries; read the latest headlines for politics, economics, science, sports and other news.
• See places near you on a map – ATMs, restaurants, stores and other businesses with contact details and working hours.
• Search with your voice – tap the microphone and say what you are looking for.
• Get your answers with predictive search – simply start typing to pick your answer from search suggestions.
• Follow video or image instructions to put up a set of shelves, cook a steak or do anything you have never done before.
• Keep up with your mail – log into your Yandex account to receive new email notifications.
• Read QR-codes with the built-in scanner.

The Yandex app is currently available only in Russian, Ukrainian and Turkish.
From version Yandex 7.90:
- The app launches faster on devices with Android 8.1 and later.
- Support for configuring Alice on new devices: Irbis A and DEXP Smartbox.
- Support for Smart Lock technology helps you log in to Yandex even if you switch phones.
- Fixed a bug that distorted the Alice widget.
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