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We focused on improving performance so you can focus on practicing spoken English with your favorite virtual robot tutor, Buddy!

Meet Buddy, the voice-based virtual English tutor for children ages 4-10. Buddy teaches kids to speak English using unique speech technology and game-like lessons and activities.

Speak Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, and Polish easily

If you speak Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, and Polish at home, Buddy can help you learn English.

Buddy is the world's first voice-based virtual English tutor and one of the leading English learning apps for children worldwide.
• Over a million children learn with Buddy every month
• 280,000 5-star user reviews
• TOP 10 App in Kids and Education charts in major countries throughout Latin America and Europe
• Major awards and nominations including GESA London, EnlightEd Madrid, Startup Worldcup San Francisco

Buddy provides one-on-one English speaking practice just like a live tutor. With Buddy, your child can:
• Learn over 1,500 common words and phrases in 14 topics like Numbers, School, Technology, etc.
• Improve pronunciation
• Practice conversations
• Break the language barrier and start speaking English with confidence

Buddy is affordable for everyone — You’ll get a month of learning for the cost of one session with a live tutor.

Start speaking English with Buddy today!

• Children learn 60 English words and phrases per week.
• Parents receive weekly progress reports.

Buddy works by combining:
1. Proprietary speech, virtual human and adaptive learning technology
2. Latest learning techniques
3. Engaging game design

Our virtual tutor was developed by an expert team of educators and engineers with Ph.Ds in Education Science, Psychology of Learning, and Computer science.



For more information, please visit our site:

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