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Airy TV is the entertainment destination for watching 100% Free TV, Movies & Comedy. Stream Anime & Sports, all your entertainment in one place. Send Airy TV a request, and we will build the channel you are looking for. Airy TV doesn't want to give you random TV shows & movies; we want to create the experience you want. We want you to stream what you want. We work with content owners in the entertainment industry to bring their shows to you. Streaming has never been smoother!
Airy TV has no contract, no fees, no-nonsense, just free TV, Movies, Comedy Anime, Sports, all your entertainment delivered to you. Best of all we are free TV, Forever!

Airy TV has a wide selection of entertainment with something for just about everyone.

Do you like Sports? Because we love Sports. We have Rugby, Beach Volleyball, Tennis, Gymnastics, Field Hockey and more. Do you like Wrestling? You can't have Sports without Wrestling we have classic and new WWE machines with all your favorite icons. Did we mention you can watch Beach Volleyball? Who doesn't love Sports that involve bikinis.

Interested in Comedy? We scoured our sources to bring the best Comedy we could find. Let's start off with America's Funniest Home Videos or AFV. Sit back, relax, watchmen get hit in the balls on AFV, laugh, rinse..........repeat. We have more Comedy with a number of shows from Comedy Central. Find Saturday Night Live, Tosh.0, Key and Peele, Dave Chapelle all on our Comedy Central channel. We even have Comedy Stand-up. As much Comedy Stand-up as you can take new and old, never stop laughing with the Comedy on Airy TV.

Are you a History Channel Buff? Do you like a good documentary? Do you believe in Ghost Hunters, or UFO Aliens (Anyone else wonders how these shows get on the History Channel?). We have paranormal shows, including Ghost Hunters, True Stories, Alien Abductions, scare yourself to sleep at night.

Our classic Channels will thrust you back to the good ol' days with channels like BUZZR TV, Classic TV, 80's Cartoons, and more. If you enjoy the thrill of the classic, Airytv has plenty of channels available to your viewing pleasures.

We have so many entertainment options available. Those shows that teach you to have to survive in the wild, build a pool in the jungle, a wide selection of Discovery content. Build a weapon on Forged in Fire, watch crocodiles get hunted by the Swamp People, or learn to own the streets like a Street Outlaw.

Where else can you go from here, but cartoons and anime. Airy TV delivers content from Cartoon Network, Funimation, Hanna Barbara, and even independent animation houses. Do we have Looney Toons? Of Course, PJ Mask? Got it, Peppa Pig? Check, Teen Titans? Always, Marvel Avengers? We are the Endgame in entertainment. We are continually expanding our Anime catalog on our Funimation channel, so check back often.

You can reach out to Airy TV at any time, and our staff will work diligently to fill your request for a TV show or movie. We will even get shows from other countries if that is what you are looking for.

No, this isn't Quibi. You're on AiryTV, the free TV streaming service. Imagine if you had Youtube + Roku + Amazon Prime Video with a dash of The Weather Channel all in one place. That is the free TV streaming service Airy TV. So while you are playing your game of solitaire, why not watch some free TV. We have pulled episodes of your favorite shows from the '40s, '50s, 60's, '70s and '80s.

Why just settle for any type of TV? Build your own free entertainment experience with Airy TV. Start streaming with Airy now!

We're also on Beta testing, Roku! Email us at for more information on how you can add us on Roku Devices.

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