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11.6 (2021-03-04)

* CalDAV: Display indicator in drawer when a list is shared with other users. Compatible w/, Nextcloud, ownCloud, sabre/dav
* CalDAV: Don't upload changes to read-only lists
* Remove unnecessary icon-mirroring for RTL users
* Update translations

11.5.2 (2021-02-25)

* Sync snooze time

11.4 (2021-02-09)

* Sync collapsed subtask state

11.3.4 (2021-02-03)

* 'Hide until' renamed to 'Start date'

Full release notes:

Tasks is libre open-source software, based on the original source code from the popular Astrid Tasks & To Do List!

* Synchronize with Google Tasks, DAVx⁵, CalDAV, and EteSync, or use completely offline
* Nested, collapsible, unlimited depth subtasks!
* Drag and drop manual sorting, compatible with Nextcloud Tasks and Apple Reminders!
* Powerful repeating task options
* End-to-end encryption with EteSync
* List sharing available when synchronized with CalDAV or EteSync
* Location-based arrival and departure notifications
* List, tag, filter, and search your tasks
* Organize your tasks by location
* Highly customizable widget
* Customize your lists with icons and colors
* Automatic backups to internal storage, Google Drive, and the Android Backup Service
* Hide tasks until a later date
* Automatically add tasks to your calendar
* Create new tasks and list reminders with Tasker
* And much more!

Tasks respects your privacy!
- No advertisements
- No ad or location tracking
- Opt-out of crash reporting and anonymous statistics
- Developer has no access to your data under any circumstances

In order to support development some features require a subscription
- 7-day free trial
- Choose your subscription price, starting at $1 per year

Documentation available at
Source code available at
Contact [email protected] for help

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11.6 APK
March 6, 2021
Android 6.0+
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