What's new in Arlo Safe: Family Safety

Updates in Arlo Safe 1.3.2 include:
- General stability and performance improvements

About Arlo Safe: Family Safety

Arlo Safe is a personal safety app that provides emergency response to you and your family for life on-the-go. With one quick tap, receive help from highly trained, live professional security experts, 24/7. Arlo Safe automatically notifies your safety contacts that you have an emergency. Capture events as they happen with Cloud Witness incident recording.
Set up family place alerts and know when members arrive or leave common locations like school, work, or home. Send family check-in requests to know they are safe and see their exact location in the app. Direct emergency services to family, send an SMS/Text and even call them if they need help. During a car accident, Crash Detection and Response will automatically alert live professional security experts to send help directly to your location.

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1.3.2 (34) APK
April 19, 2024
arm64-v8a + armeabi-v7a
Android 8.0+
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