*** 3.33.0 ***
add: new wizard for configuration of Live tracking
add: automatic export of tracks indicated in notification center
add: new system for creating and conversion of shaping/via/navigation points
add: new way of handling auxiliary points (red dots) including recalculation of selected route segments
add: (PRO) recalculation of the whole route in side menu
and many more
Navigation and offline maps for fully enjoyable outdoor experience. Create, plan, edit, record, save or share your trips, keep the memories, track your performance and much more. Locus Map is designed for hiking, mountain biking, cycling, running, geocaching, cross-country skiing and other outdoor activities. Find a range of cool functions running above variety of online and offline maps of the whole World:

Hiking, cycling and other sports:

Routes and interesting places:
plan your routes along hiking trails, bike trails or in open field
record your tracks with all useful statistics – distance, speed, tempo, altitude, calorie burn and more
import and export the routes in different formats (KMZ, GPX, TCX...)
share your tracks on Facebook or Strava, Runkeeper, GPSies, Google Earth, Freelogbook.biz etc...
•create own database of interesting or favorite places
•display photos on the map
import and export POIs (points of interest) in various formats
•find detail information about track points or important places

Offline navigation and guidance:
sound and voice navigation working offline adjustable for hiking, cycling or a car
sound alert when missing the route
•navigation along routes imported from elsewhere
•on point guidance in open field
sound notification of an upcoming point of interest

•geocaches download for offline geocaching
on-cache navigation above the map or using the compass
•online and offline logging, graphical and calculation tools
field notes management
sound alert of an upcoming geocache

Other handy functions:
audio coach – sports tracker with voice information about your performance
live tracking – share your location in real time
smart GPS – saving the battery of your mobile device
parking assistant – finds your car in the crowded parking lot

Portfolio of Maps in Locus:

Offline maps:
LoMaps (Locus offline maps) of all the World, switch hiking, winter map or city mode. FREE DOWNLOAD of the first 3 maps.
•detailed hiking maps and cycling maps of:
USA by NeoTreks,
Great Britain by Ordnance Survey (Explorer, Landranger),
•maps of Switzerland by SwissTopo,
•maps of Poland by Compass,
•maps of Germany, Austria and North Italy by Kompass, Outdooractive and Freytag-Berndt,
•hiking maps of Czechia and Slovakia by SHOCart,
support of external maps SQLite, TAR, MBT, GEMF, Orux or RMA, and of own OpenStreetMap or map themes

Online maps
•hiking maps of the World based on OSM data
hiking maps of Europe by Outdooractive – Summer and Winter maps,
•hiking maps of Germany, Austria, Northern Italy (Freytag-Berndt),
•hiking maps of France (IGN), Finland (Kapsi.f), Hungary (Turistautak), Sveden (Skoterleder), Poland (UMP a Osmapa.pl), Hiking and marine maps of Norway (Statkart), maps of  USA (USGS classic/satellite, ChartBundle) and Japan (GSI), maps of countries of the former USSR and Russia (Visicom), Indonesia (Navigasi), New Zealand (NzTopoMaps)
hiking and cycling maps of Czech and Slovakia (SHOCart)

Most of online maps are downloadable to be used offline
Download only the part of the map you need. Save money and storage on your device.

App uses the Device Administrator permission.

Locus Map Free is highly customizable. You can set everything according to your needs!

Do you want Locus Map to handle even more functions with no limits? For example bike computer with full support of external bluetooth and ANT+ sensors? Then download Locus Map Pro!

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September 26, 2018
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