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Avi-on is an easy to use multi-room and whole building lighting control solution that is easy to install, easy to change, and easy to manage...indoors and out. Using any newer smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth Smart and wi-fi, commercial installers and residential customers can quickly set-up devices, program schedules and timers, and add wireless switches. No wi-fi hub or gateway is required. All schedules and settings are saved on a Bluetooth chip in each device. Once programmed locally, the schedules will operate without the Internet or your phone nearby.

Avi-on enables many users to control many devices through a single account. Your account and settings are saved in the Avi-on cloud, providing instant back-up. You can add 24/7 wi-fi access (and Amazon Alexa compatibility, where available) with purchase of the Avi-on Remote Access Bridge (RAB). The RAB converts the Bluetooth signals on the Avi-on compatible devices/switches to a wi-fi signal that Amazon's Alexa can understand.

How do you get started?

• Power up an Avi-on compatible device by wiring it or plugging it in (plug, switch, bulb, fixture, sensor, adaptor, LED driver, outdoor switch, outdoor stake, and more).
• Use a smartphone or tablet that supports Bluetooth Smart and has strong wi-fi access. Use the latest version of Android.
• Download the latest version of the Avi-on app. Register your account and password. Check spam folder for verification and password emails.
• Stand near the powered device(s). Press the big + button to add your first device. FAQs on set up are here:
• FAQs on scheduling are here:
I• f you want wi-fi access, 24/7 clock synchronization, and/or Alexa compatibility, install an optional Avi-on Remote Access Bridge.

What are optional accessories for your Avi-on network?

• Avi-on Movable Switch: 3-way wireless switching
• Avi-on Remote Access Bridge (RAB): 24/7 network synchronization and selected Wi-fi remote controls 
• Amazon Alexa compatibility: purchase a RAB and Amazon Echo/Dot or other Amazon hardware. Please check for product/regional compatibility prior to making your purchases
• Other products available at

What is Avi-on Basic and Avi-on Pro?

• Avi-on Basic includes instant set-up, secure login, schedules with sunrise/sunset, and countdown timers. The actual features depend on the product's manufacturer.
• Avi-on Pro is designed for managing whole commercial building, office, landscape, warehouse, recreational facility, and area lighting installations.
• Depending on your product's manufacturer, Pro Accounts include all of the Basic features plus some or all of the following additions: device favorites and sorting, grouping, schedules, scenes, transitions, and sensor controls. 

What else do I need to know?

• For dimming, color changing, sensors, and other specialized functionality, the specific product must offer those features.
• If you would like to add capabilities to your Avi-on account, please visit All products differ. Please check product packaging for details about the specific account capabilities that come with your purchase.
• Compatible devices: GE-branded Bluetooth Switches and Dimmers, Avi-on Indoor and Outdoor Switches, Fixture Adaptors, Controllers and Remote Access Bridge, ERP LED Drivers, SPJ Flexlink Outdoor Controls.
• Web controls differ from app controls. See for your profile settings.

Support and FAQs are available at, or please email us at

This release may come in several variants. Consult our handy FAQ to see which download is right for you.

1.10.1 APK
March 8, 2019
Android 4.4+
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Version:1.10.1(359) for Android 4.4+ (Kitkat, API 19)

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