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Version: 2.8.7 (22616) BETA (22615)
6.26 MB (6,563,642 bytes)
Supports installation on external storage.
Min: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich, API 14)
Target: Android 8.0 (Oreo, API 26)
Uploaded April 6, 2019 at 3:34PM UTC by SuperSandro2000

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- NEW: Tip to improve the connection, if the FRITZ!Repeater 3000 is not connected optimally

With FRITZ!App WLAN you can keep an eye on your wireless network at all times. Use the FRITZ!App WLAN for an easy connection from your Android smartphone or tablet to the wireless LAN of your FRITZ!Box or any other WLAN router. The FRITZ!App WLAN also provides you with useful details about the existing wireless connection. A graphic diagram presented in the FRITZ!App WLAN offers you additional transparency about the channel assignments of the various devices in your wireless LAN environment.

Since August 2018, Google's technical guidelines allow Android apps to display information on the wireless environment only if "location" rights have been enabled for the app. AVM has no influence on these Android guidelines.
If you do not wish to grant location rights and your device has an Android version older than Android 9 (Pie) installed, you can use the FRITZ!App WLAN Basic instead. The FRITZ!App WLAN Basic does not require location rights, as it is based on the state of the software before August 2018.

Minimum prerequisite:
- smartphone or tablet with Android version 4 or higher (App Version 2.0)
- smartphone or tablet with Android version 2.3 or higher (App version 1.2.1)

Many thanks for all the encouragement and five star ratings! We are overwhelmed and extremely motivated!

*Information about the WiFi throughput test: the performance and hardware of your android device can have an impact on the result. During the measurement your wireless LAN can be slowed down.

Information about the user rights required for this app:
• Near Field Communication: is used to control wireless connections via NFC/Android Beam
• Device ID: The device ID is used to store the password securely in each individual device.
• Call information: Along with the Device ID, the call information belong to a group predefined by Google. This call information is not used by the app.
• Microphone: The microphone and the camera belong into a group predefined by Google. This microphone function is not used by the the app.
• Access to the camera: necessary for reading the QR code
• Vibration: Haptic feedback to confirm that the QR code has been read
• Camera flash: May also be needed to read the QR code
• Wake lock: For switching the screen timeout on and off
• Change or delete contents of USB storage/SD card: For the sharing function information is cached locally before sending
• Test access to protected memory: Check for write rights on USB storage/SD card for sharing function
• Change network connectivity: Establish and clear wireless LAN connections
• Change system settings: Save sorting sequence of radio networks
• Location: Due to restrictions of Android 6.0 access to location is mandatory to display your surrounding wifi network information
• Call up wireless LAN connections: Check whether WLAN is switched on/off
• Call up network connections: Check status of wireless LAN connections
• Access to all networks: Query of the FRITZ!Box firmware/model number

This release may come in several variants. Consult our handy FAQ to see which download is right for you.

2.8.7 (22616) BETA APK
April 6, 2019
Android 4.0+
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