Let’s play!
Grab a hat and go chase some ghosts!
• Each Maze has 3 goals – complete them to get stars!
• The first goal is mandatory: eat all the dots. Completing this goal awards you the first star and unlocks the next Maze.
• You get token rewards depending on the stars you won in every maze. Play your best to get 3 stars!
• Fruit brings you surprise rewards. Yum yum!
• You need a number of stars to unlock the next world – check the gate!

Minute Mazes
• You have 1 minute and only 1 goal, but your will get a super reward for completing it: Candies!

Know your Hats!
There are 4 special Hats + Classic PAC-MAN in the game
• Complete Mazes to unlock all Hats!
• All Hats use Energy: play a maze with a Hat and its Energy will drop, but will also replenish in time.
• Play more Mazes with a Hat to level it up. There will be rewards:
Level 2: +1 Energy (you will have 2 Energy)
Level 3: 20% more tokens when playing with that Hat
Level 4: +1 Energy (you will have 3 Energy)

Classic PAC-MAN add icon
• This is the classic PAC-MAN. No abilities. Just hungry.
• Unlocked at the first mission.
• Enhance it with: add mega pellet icon
Pirate Hat add icon
• Drops angry parrots that pinch the ghosts if they get near.
• PAC-MAN can eat the ghost when the parrot is on it.
• Drops 1 parrot for every 20 dots eaten.
• Complete mission 9 to unlock.
• Enhance it with: add super pirate icon

Magician Hat add icon
• Casts a spell that makes the nearest ghost disappear.
• Charges 1 spell for every 20 dots eaten.
• Complete mission 9 to unlock.
• Enhance it with: add super magician icon

Zeus Hat add icon
• Thunder strike! Stuns all ghosts for 4 seconds at every 22 dots eaten.
• Complete mission 9 to unlock.
• Enhance it with: add super zeus icon

Alien Hat add icon
• Leaves behind a green goo that makes ghosts vanish if they walk on it.
• Drops 1 greeny thing for every 20 dots eaten.
• Complete mission 9 to unlock.
• Enhance it with: add super alien icon

Power up your Hats!
Power Ups make the Hats stronger and help Classic PAC-MAN in Mazes.
Go to Crafting and use tokens to craft more Power Ups!
Pirate Power Up add icon
• Makes the Pirate Hat drop parrots 2 times faster (1 parrot for every 10 dots eaten).
Magician Power Up add icon
• Double spell: charges 2 spells for every 20 dots eaten.
• PAC-MAN will cast the spells forward and backward.
Zeus Power Up add icon
• Blue thunder strike! Stuns all ghosts and makes them blue.
• You can eat the ghosts while stunned.
Alien Power Up add icon
• Purple rain! The green goo turns purple and has a bigger action range.
• All the ghosts around the purple goo will vanish.

World elements
You will discover new maze elements in every area of the map. Some are helpful, some are tricky. Watch out!
Area 1 – Hiding places add icon
• They look like clouds in the Maze and you can hide there to escape the ghosts!
• Ghosts will enter hiding places only when they are blue.
Area 2 – Balloons add icon
• Surprises floating around in the Maze: catch the balloon to get gifts!
Area 3 – Portals add icon
• You will see 2 portals in the maze: enter one and exit the other to trick the ghosts!
• Ghosts can’t travel through portals
Area 4 – Bad Potion add icon
• Don’t eat it! Because if you do, you won’t be able to eat anything else for 7 seconds.

From version PAC-MAN Hats 2 beta:

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