The BlackBerry Protect App can be installed devices to provide users with:
· An overall security assessment of the device

· A list of malicious or sideloaded apps that the app has detected

· User-friendly options to uninstall malicious or sideloaded apps

· Scan SMS messages for malicious URLs

The BlackBerry Dynamics SDK and the BlackBerry Protect library are integrated with the app, allowing it to detect malware and sideloaded apps on Android devices. The BlackBerry Protect app performs its own malware scanning and sideload detection activities, independent of detection done by other BlackBerry Dynamics apps on the device.

The app detects malicious or sideloaded apps in the device space in which it is installed (work or personal) and displays any threats that it detects. It scans SMS messages to check them for malicious URLs. Whenever possible, the app gives the user guidance for how to resolve potential threats.

From version BlackBerry Protect 1.2.312:

Initial Release.

All versions
September 28, 2020