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What’s fixed🔨
When adding a new saved contact, you couldn’t add an IBAN. Now you can!
You can now cancel future scheduled requests, and view their history. Fixed!
When trying to personalize your sub-accounts with pictures, it wouldn’t always work or show right. We’ve fixed that!
For these and more improvements, update your app today!

bunq is the first challenger bank to be included in the Dutch Fair Finance Guide (2020 edition), with an all-time high score for any newcomer.

bunq benefits include (availability may vary by country):
- Loyalty Cards - Never worry about bringing dozens of loyalty cards with you. Simply add them to the app and have full access anytime, anywhere.
- Multiple Sub-Accounts - Budgeting for groceries? Bills? New car? Doesn't matter. Set up a sub-account for all your needs in seconds. Budgeting has never been easier.
- Google Pay - Pay safer and faster in millions of places, on sites, in apps and in stores using your bunq card with Google Pay. Available in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium, Ireland and Portugal.
- Real-time account activity push notifications
- TransferWise - Safely send money to 39 supported currencies and always get the real exchange rate. Saving you money with no hidden fees.
- Insights - Automatically categorize all outgoing payments. By knowing where your money goes, you can save up to 10% without any effort.
- Budgets - Easily setup a monthly budget and fully customize it by choosing your starting date and include/exclude as many accounts as you like.
- Freedom of Choice - The only bank in the world that lets you decide how your money gets invested.
- - Always get your money back in the easiest way. Simply send your personal payment link and let the money flow in!

bunq plans include:
- Easy Travel - The plan made for carefree traveling, giving you the real exchange rate, without any additional charges, anywhere in the world, all with no monthly fees
- Easy Money - Easily spend, save and bank with the plan that helps you save time, money and CO2 without having to put any effort in whatsoever
- Easy Green - Enjoy all the amazing features and benefits, and effortlessly make the world a greener place at the same time

Without any effort, you can become CO2 free in less than 2 years.
Start your Personal Easy Green trial or Easy Green Business plan and we'll plant a tree for every 100 Euro spent with any of your bunq cards.
- Together, we planted over 2 million trees to date. That offsets 680,237 round trips flights from Paris to NYC
- Show everyone how close you are to becoming CO2 free with our new Easy Green widget! You can add this to your website or blog in seconds
- Now your bestie can also plant a tree for every €100 spent with their bunq cards.

Budgeting made easy and fun
- Budgeting for groceries? Bills? New car? Doesn't matter. Open multiple sub-accounts for all your needs, in seconds
- Easily set up a monthly budget and fully customize it by choosing your starting date and include/exclude as many accounts as you like
- Always be in control of your money by sorting incoming payments the way you want: in amounts or percentages, the choice is yours
- Save automatically by having all your payments rounded up to the next Euro

The bank that speaks your language

Our team consists of people from more than 30 different countries. Emails, notifications, support chat we’re always there for you, in your language.

Your money is fully insured
Thanks to our European banking permit your money is fully insured, up to €100,000. We apply rigorous safety measures and are tested and audited to the highest standards. Your safety is our highest concern.

Your privacy is guaranteed
We guard your privacy as if it’s our own. We will never sell your data to anyone. Your transaction data is stored in Germany, a country that values your privacy as much as we do.

Experience what bunq can do for you, today. Sign up in minutes. You only need your phone. No branch visits, no waiting, no paperwork.

bunq has been featured internationally by publications like Forbes, Wired, Business Insider, TechCrunch, Silicon Canals and many more.

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