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* We were so happy to receive all your great feedback about CallApp 2.0. We kept working hard to develop and improve CallApp.
In this release, we added Portuguese, Italian and German for our european fans and also added landscape view and other goodies...
* Now supporting Smartwatch - All notifications from the App directly on the Smartwatch , who is calling, miss calls, identification from social apps and more.
* CallApp Bringing Instant Messengers & Social Apps into the App

World's largest FREE true Caller ID - Always know who’s calling you. Without spam calls.

CallApp identifies 1 billion unknown callers and numbers before you pick up the phone. So it’s block spam calls and telemarketing (telemarketer) calls (spam blocker)

#1 Caller ID app (identify calles)
#45 most downloaded app in Google Play
Top 10 rated app in over 38 countries
Updates your contacts with photos & info from Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram, Twitter & more.
It will even identify unknown senders from IM & social chat apps like Telegram, Whatsapp, Viber & more.

CallApp was named one of the world’s best products (best Caller ID app) by: Techcrunch (Disrupt Finalist), Microsoft, IBM, Qualcomm & others.

▶ Caller ID App- Identify unknown numbers & calls (people & businesses) with true caller info & pictures (identify of unknown numbers)
▶ Block caller - Block spammers , scammers, telemarketer, via spam call blocker blacklist (block numbers & reject blocked numbers)
▶ Social Dialer - update your contacts card with up-to-date pictures & social information
▶ Chat/Messaging ID App - Identify unknown senders from social media chat apps & IM
▶ SMS Caller ID App - Identify unknown SMS text message senders
▶ Smartwatch Support - Get all notifications (who’s calling, missed calls, IDs, etc.) directly on your Smartwatch
▶ Phone Number Finder - Find names using phone numbers (number finder and names)

It's combines your phone's contacts with our local search, all in one convenient place: your dialer.
Identify the true caller so you can decide whether to answer.

Pictures, birthdays and much more from all major social networks - in a single free Caller ID
The true caller name, photo, birthday, SMS, last email exchange and much more
Set a note, reminder, meeting or task
Block spammers & spam calls, screen unwanted calls, block one-ring scams, customize a blacklist for your phone-book, identify unknown numbers, keep a call record in your call log
Add names and addresses from CallApp to your phone book contacts to keep them updated without spam.

Find out who is calling me (even if not in your contact list)
Identify unknown incoming calls and know who called you in the past.
Know the true caller name.
Block unwanted calls , spam calls and callers

Support {at}

▶ Although CallApp works best as your sole dialer, it may be used alongside most other dialers. Note that CallApp Caller ID may not work well with some other Caller IDs.
▶ CallApp does not upload your phonebook to make your contact names searchable. CallApp does upload numbers from your contact book to enrich your phonebook with social information and to update you whenever you communicate with a CallApp user.
▶ This is what we do: Block unwanted calls and callers, telemarketers, blacklisted spammers and scammers. Identify caller ID, call origin, and numbers.

***** An app that does the job well. Easy to operate, which seek to block spam callers. Thanks to developers about the outcome. I strongly the best caller id App

***** What a great app I normally don't answer calls from people that I don't know (identify) or when a number comes up with no name meaning it's not in my contact list I don't bother to answer the phone.. but now with this new app they don't have to be in my contacts list to know how is calling me , the name of the person who's calling... this is awesome I really do love it!

***** The true caller ID ,very useful app I really like seeing calls where I can choose if I want to talk to them, makes life a little easier.

***** Excellent application The best at what he does …Caller ID & Block Excellent

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July 11, 2016
Android 4.0+
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