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1) Up for a challenge? Try [Challenge Mode] and earn [Special Gear] for Tank characters!
2) Wondering what characters you should build? Refer to the data in [Popular Ranks]!
3) [Michonne]’s New Skin: Enforcer
4) [Lang] (Epic Warlord) has joined the game!
5) War can be avoided as long as both sides want the same thing. [World Stage Chapter 39] now available.

The newest The Walking Dead game, The Walking Dead: All-Stars, invites you to begin your campaign of survival in this undead-infested apocalypse.
The Walking Dead comic survivors such as Rick, Negan, and many more can be recruited to join your team.
The Walking Dead: All-Stars is the game where you can explore and battle against survival threats.

『Official The Walking Dead game』
Play the newest strategic survival game based on The Walking Dead by Skybound!
Meet The Walking Dead survivors and build your dream squad with Rick and Negan together.
Escape from walkers or conquer the unknown horror, your decision affects your survival!

『Collect and Upgrade The Walking Dead heros』
Collect your favorite Walking Dead survivors, such as Negan and Rick from the original The Walking Dead comic book.
Train and upgrade your own Walking Dead survivors to battle walkers and relive the iconic moments of the Walking Dead comic.

『Strategy and Tactics』
Build your strategy and use it against the walkers and raiders in different combat modes.
Battle against other survivors in the global arena! Join a Community and take part in Joint Battles and Total War!
A victory in PvP requires a combination of your strongest The Walking Dead survivors and your best tactics.

『Explore the Unknown』
Check out exclusive game modes: Buildings, Raid, Survival Record, Camp Defense and weekly challenges in this post-apocalyptic survival RPG.
Discover new The Walking Dead survivors, buildings, alliances, and resources to compete for survival.

『Build and Strengthen your Defense』
Maintain your best state of survival by upgrading weapons, strengthening your defenses, constructing buildings, recruiting new The Walking Dead survivors, and managing your resources after raids and strategic battles. Your decision matters in this undead apocalypse survival RPG!

『Social Game』
Compete with survivors from around the world with your strongest The Walking Dead survivor team formation. In this strategy survival game, you would have to create Communities and forge strategic partnerships to survive this undead apocalypse.

* The Walking Dead: All Stars is available in 한국어, English, 日本語, 中文简体, 中文繁體, Deutsch, Français, Español, русский, ไทย, tiếng Việt.

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