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• Elevated wings! New abilities and recipes are now available for them. Low-level wings are not required for crafting!
• Cheaper monster research at the University.
• The Great Hunt event instead of Resource Gathering on Mondays (a week WITHOUT the battle for the Celestial Citadel).
• Voodoo Doll: +2.5% to magic attack instead of physical.
• Ordinary items without an enchantment bonus.
• Skills reset without equipment removal.
• Fixed an error that led to game closure.

Build an empire and clash with other players from across the world in epic MMO battles.

Gods and Glory is the ultimate mobile strategy game with over 3 million players from 130 countries.

Dive into the heat of battle with your heroes, conquer new lands for valuable resources, build a sprawling and harness the power of the gods… these are only some of the exciting adventures that await you in Gods & Glory!


- FIGHT in unique role playing battles
- BUILD & DEFEND your capital from incoming invasions
- CONQUER the neighbouring realms for useful resources
- RULE and expand your empire as you wish
- UNITE in powerful alliances with friends and fellow players from over 130 countries
- SUMMON the power of six different gods and harness their powers in battle

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Gods & Glory is a massively multiplayer online strategy game.

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October 3, 2018
Android 4.2+
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