Music lover? Stream and listen to top radio hits or discover new songs with the Deezer music player on your Android TV. Access the best music, listen to your favorite live tunes and more when you turn your TV into a jukebox. Looking to discover new music? Browse Channels with your remote control or listen to Deezer Flow.
- Access to millions of songs
- Flow - the best music experience around
- Stream songs, artists, radio hits and audio Channels
- Listen to playlists curated by top music Editors

Customize your Flow
Flow is the best music matchmaker, helping you discover songs, tunes and radio hits based on the music you love. Pick your favorite music from a list of songs, and we’ll create a soundtrack that’s musically attuned to your sound.

Stream Channels
Search and stream new music by song, artist, album, audio Channel, or radio station by specific genre or country. Enjoy your favorite music hits, whenever and wherever!

Deezer Premium
• Skip an unlimited number of tracks
• Listen to music offline on your mobile
• Rock out to uninterrupted, ad-free music
• Upgrade to better sound quality on your mobile for the best pop beats

From version Deezer Music for Android TV 3.0.0:

Associate your Deezer account with your TV !

User can now link the Deezer account with their TV App just by entering one code.
No more needs to use the keyboard on the TV !
-> Add scanning QR code option to access to the login journey

Use your voice

You can search for music by using the microphone of your remote control. From the home page of your Android TV or directly in the Deezer app on your TV, you could easily access to all your favorites songs and artists.

(Android 4.4+)
Latest: 2.0.6 on April 10, 2019
All versions
Deezer Music for Android TV 3.0.0


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Deezer Music for Android TV


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Deezer Music for Android TV


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Deezer Music for Android TV 2.0.6


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Deezer Music for Android TV 2.0.5


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Deezer Music for Android TV 2.0.4


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Deezer Music for Android TV 2.0.2


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