Changelog for build alpha-2279:
- Debug: Add ScrimView based debug info overlay (by Till Kottmann)
- Add organize screens button to OptionsPopup (by Till Kottmann)
- Oreo Overview: Add pop-up to delete screen (by Till Kottmann)
- Display a warning on MIUI instead of removing the icon shape option (by paphonb)
- Clear icon cache when restoring settings (by paphonb)
- Fix Lawnchair actions shortcut not working (by paphonb)
- Fix drawer tabs/folders appearing even disabled (by paphonb)
- Properly migrate v1 settings when updating to v2 (by Till Kottmann)
- Chore: Fix kotlin code formatting settings (by Till Kottmann)
- Allow building dev flavor with the v1 dev package name (by Till Kottmann)
- Prevent crash from a media notification without a title (by paphonb)
- Allow adding home widget by dragging the preview (by paphonb)
- Fix broken home widget after restoring backup (by paphonb)
- Fix contextual message not updating (by paphonb)
- Import translations (by Duolingo Bird)
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July 7, 2019
Android 5.0+
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September 6, 2019
September 6, 2019