Changelog for build q-pre-alpha-2531:
- Rebase on Android 10 Launcher3
- Bring Android 10 Style gestures to Pie
- Add previews + theme manager integration for grid settings
- Add Calendar as event source for AAG
- Add whitelist based support for feed plugins (currently supports @homefeeder and librechair's feed)
- Further improve adaptive icon generation
- Use more pleasant, pastel colors for adaptive icon backgrounds
- Add option to force use of non-adaptive icons
- Improve resolution of rounded icons
- Add more squricly shapes
- Fix some crashes and bugs
- Drop support for everything below Android 7.1 (we're sorry)

Things that are currently broken:
- Sesame integration for anything other than search
- Some smaller stuff we probably already forgot about again

Quickstep stuff:
- This apk supports quickswitch on both Android Pie and 10
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2.0-2531-ci-q-pre-alpha APK
November 12, 2019
Android 9.0+
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