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From version Lawnchair 2 2.0-2546-ci-q-pre-alpha:
Changelog for build q_pre_alpha-2546:
- Quickstep: Fix haptic feedback on pie (by Till Kottmann)
- Move to upstream Attribouter now that we have androidx (by Till Kottmann)
- Bring the about page up to date (by Till Kottmann)
- Missing bridge popup: Add link to the lawnfeed download page (by Till Kottmann)
- FolderInfo: Prevent Nullpointer Exception (by Till Kottmann)
- Disable bug reported on Google Play builds (by Till Kottmann)
- Update translations (by Duolingo Bird)
- Fix one more migration crash (by paphonb)
- Fix preview crash when blur is on (by paphonb)
- Fix app suggestions switch (by paphonb)
- Decrease minSdk to 25 (by paphonb)
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September 6, 2019
September 6, 2019