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Wow, that's a like – bet that's your reaction to the updated My Vibe 'Unknown'. We've updated its algorithms to make discovering new music that you'll love even easier. What else can we say? Update and hear it for yourself!

We know how to surprise,
Yandex Music Team

About Yandex Music, Books & Podcasts

What is Yandex Music?
● Your favorite music, along with audiobooks and podcasts on various topics
● If you download music, you can listen to it even offline
● My Vibe is a smart recommendation system that instantly adapts to your preferences
● A convenient player
● Editor's selections of music, audiobooks, and podcasts
● High-quality music available for download to listen offline

Yandex Music
Licensed music library: popular and original songs, podcasts, and audiobooks free during the trial period
An easy-to-use music player lets you listen to and download high-quality music for free with a Plus subscription
Music enthusiasts love various genres, so we have playlists covering rock, pop, 90s disco, and much more. Press play and start enjoying your favorite tracks.
The player recognizes music; all you have to do is let it listen when a song is playing.
Whether you're searching by year, genre, activity, mood, holiday, or weekday, we have a playlist for you. The library includes Russian and international music, dance music, movie soundtracks, electronic music, children's music, internet hits, and new releases.
The Bookmate option offers audiobooks on various subjects.
In addition to free music for offline listening, the trial period includes hundreds of thousands of audiobooks:
● Detective stories, thrillers, science fiction, and current non-fiction
● Bestsellers in the Editors' Choice section under Podcasts and Books
● Audiobooks for children of all ages, including poems and fairy tales
● The option to download audiobooks for offline listening
● Free listening for new users
Yandex Music features exclusive podcasts
Listen to new episodes at normal pace or speed them up. If you need to pause, the app will remember your place so you can resume later. Popular categories include humor, science, culture, lectures, fairy tales, and more.
Music player
If you love music, you understand the importance of audio quality. That's why Yandex Music added the HQ function to our music player.
Try it out. The first note will sound clearer than ever. When you download tracks, you'll enjoy the same great quality offline.
Yandex Plus offers the perfect opportunity to listen to music, audiobooks, and podcasts online or offline. It also includes:
An opportunity to download music to your phone
A convenient in-app music player
Access to Kinopoisk, where you can watch ad-free movies and series
Bonus points for using Yandex services
With a Plus subscription, enjoy music, podcasts, and audiobooks offline and ad-free.
The music catalog may not be available in some countries. Learn more: yandex.ru/legal/yandex_plus_privilege_list/
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Discuss all things music on our VK Music page: vk.com/yandexmusic
Watch live broadcasts and streams on our YouTube music page: www.youtube.com/c/MusicYandex
Yandex Music provides a wide range of listening experiences: from songs and soundtracks to thrilling audiobooks and podcasts. Enjoy a free trial with limitless listening possibilities. The app recognizes music, displays lyrics, and allows offline and ad-free listening.

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2024.02.3 #34.1gpr APK
February 29, 2024
Android 7.0+
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