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See why Fast Company named Twist a “World Changing Idea”!

Work is changing. Work communication should change, too.

Twist organizes all your team’s conversations to make collaboration easy from anywhere. No more team burnout from endless meetings, emails, and Slack chats.

"Best communication app for remote teams" — PC Mag

“On Slack, I had constant FOMO. On Twist, I know I'm always on top of everything.” — Manuel F., SparkLoop

Twist’s threads ensure that important info doesn’t get buried
• In Twist, one topic = one thread, instead of an endless stream of chit chat that buries important communications (like Slack).
• Super-specific tagging means that only the relevant teams see your messages.

Create a historical record your team can learn from
• Dive deep into any thread to recall the context behind how a decision was made, whether it was last week or last year.
• Share important threads to easily and quickly onboard new employees.

Focus your team on the work that matters
• Reduce noise and distractions with fewer notifications that allow your team to get stuff done.
• Improve your team’s work communication with more calm and less anxiety.

Break through team silos with structured channels
• Create an organized, central place for managing all your team communications.
• Invite guests, such as external clients, to specific channels to hash out project details.

• Easily import all your team’s Slack conversations.
• Set up remote team meetings with Zoom, Skype, and Jitsi Meet integrations.
• Connect with work tools like Google Drive, Asana, and Calendly (and have a little fun with Giphy).
• Forget presence indicators, typing dots, or read receipts.
• Use keyboard shortcuts to speed up your workflow.

Built by Doist, a global leader in remote and asynchronous working.

Bottom line, you’re free to close Twist … and work will be there, organized, whenever you get back.

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August 11, 2022
Android 6.0+
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September 28, 2022


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September 15, 2022


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September 8, 2022


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August 23, 2022


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August 17, 2022


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August 11, 2022


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