Nice to meet you!
This is a fast plain text editor, we hope that writing can return to the original: Pure, safe, at any time, never lose the content, super reliable.
Pure Writer achieves the perfect line spacing and paragraph spacing on the Android platform, and it makes your text look more comfortable and clear. At the same time, it also achieves a smooth scrolling, swiping down to close the soft keyboard, and many pleasing details.
Simplicity is hidden complexity. You can interrupt or continue writing anytime, anywhere, and can quickly encrypt your text with fingerprints. In addition, it can easily and quickly send the text to other Apps. We have all done this for you.
The most important, When using this editor, it will ensure that your content will never be lost. Even if you mistakenly delete the text, or instantly power off, you will still be able to recover it from history.
Once you have finished writing an article, you can use the Send button to send it to other Apps, or you can open a new article.
Now you can try to clear this page and carry out your creation. The Clear button is in the menus. If misuse, you can also recover it from the history. We regard your creation as the most important treasure.
Please enjoy it.

So far, So far, Pure Writer has many lines of defense to avoid article loss:

1. Once the article changes, it will trigger automatic saving. If it fails, it will immediately tell and warn the user.
2. Check the article every 2 seconds whether the article is saved, and whether it is equivalent to the contents which was in the database, if it fails, immediately tell and warn the user.
3. If the save fails, you can not actually exit the application. Pressing the exit button is equivalent to pressing the Home button. This give the user the opportunity to save by yourself as much as possible.
4. Each time you turn to the background or quit the application, if the article changes, it will automatically back up the entire database. The backup content can be restored at any time.
5. Provide history, undo and redo for Articles.
6. Provide trash folder to avoid accidentally deleting articles.
7. Cloud backup. If you configure a WebDAV, Pure Writer will enable cloud backup by default, and automatically put your db database file (include all articles) sync to the cloud.
From version Pure Writer - Never Lose Content Editor 5.2.5:
Material Design 2 & new SnackBar
New: Unlock Validity Period setting
New: Backup will contain configuration and settings
New: Category and Export Book in the Drawer
New: Double Click Back to Exit setting
Improved: Content cursor focus position and padding
New: Built and targeted with Android 9.0: Pie (API level 28)
New: Click toolbar name to change book and long press to edit
New: Typewriter Mode in the 3rd tab of the Shortcut pad
All versions