At EasyPark, we love cities. And by making car parking simple, we believe we’re making urban life easier. Our parking app helps millions of drivers by saving them both time and money while eliminating the hassles and stress involved with parking in urban areas.

*EasyPark is the nr.1 parking app in Europe when it comes to coverage - we keep you moving in over 20 countries in Europe.. We’re changing the way people park their cars for the better. And that means we’re leading the growth of parking technology and developing new parking services for on-street, off-street, and garage parking.

Price: For the value we deliver, EasyPark charges a fee on top of the parking cost. Please find more info on the pricing on your local EasyPark website.

EasyPark is available in: Berlin, Barcelona, Turin, Hamburg, Hanover, Salzburg, Cologne, Madrid, Rome, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki, Rotterdam and in many others!

EasyPark – Parking made easy.

★ Pay for parking from your phone with card, only touching your screen.
★ Account registration takes less than 60 seconds.
★ Cashless parking with a wide range of payment options including PayPal and credit cards like Visa & Mastercard.
★ Our FIND navigation helps you locate on-street parking spots.
★ Remotely extend the time of your parking session, directly in the app.
★ Automatic notifications remind you when your session is about to expire.
★ Pay only for the time you park; stop your session early directly in the app.
★ Get a business subscription to split personal and job-related parking costs.
★ The convenience of a smartphone app saves you time and reduces stress.
★ Smart parking: increased control of your parking session helps you to avoid fines.

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From version EasyPark - find & pay parking 16.5.0:

- Improved Summary -page shows you the total cost split by the parking and/or charging cost and EasyPark service fee.

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