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Open a zero-balance Savings Account online in under 3 mins! The Fi Money digital banking & investment app is the perfect solution for all your financial management requirements. The only money management app you need to open a bank account online, track your expenses, maximize your savings, automate UPI payment online, invest in Mutual Funds & build your wealth! You don’t need to look for other finance apps anymore; Fi Money is all you need. 🌟

Get a sleek VISA Debit Card with zero FOREX charges. Powered by RBI-approved tech, connect your other bank accounts to Fi to view a combined balance.

Why Try Fi?
✓Money insured upto ₹5 lakh✨
✓No minimum balance🤘🏽
✓Zero FOREX markup 📈
✓No hidden fees ⚖️
✓Withdraw from any ATM 💳
✓24/7 Friendly customer support ☎️


Make sense of your personal finance instantly
- Open a new digital zero balance savings bank account in minutes
- Use Ask Fi, your intuitive personal finance assistant and get simple answers 🔍
- Fi encourages you to build better money habits & manage money online 🌱
- Categorise all your expenses automatically 😇
- Fi’s Smart Statements tell you just what you need to know — in plain English.

Get rewarded for saving money
- FIT Rules: Set fun rules that automatically save for you.
- SIP 2.0: Automate investments and transfer money into Mutual Funds on a daily, weekly or monthly basis 🤝
- Use Fi regularly to make smart financial decisions, send UPI payments online, grow your wealth & earn curated rewards 🌟
- Money doesn’t grow on trees, but on Fi Money, you discover the joy of growing ‘Money-Plants’ 🌱

You spend smarter, not lesser
- Create AutoSave, AutoPay & AutoInvest rules as you go.
- Smart Deposit: A flexible way to save — designed around you & your goals 🏆
- Instant money transfer: Fi Protocol works out the best mode with zero transaction charges ⚡️
- Fi will auto-create a unique UPI ID for you! Set a secure UPI PIN yourself, then send/receive UPI payment & transfer money with BHIM UPI.

Safe & Secure
• Our RBI-governed partner bank hosts every Digital Savings Bank Account & Visa Debit Card.
• The funds in your zero balance account remain insured upto ₹5 lakh as per the Deposit Insurance Scheme.
• Fi Secure also gives you state-of-the-art internet security for your money 🔐

You remain in control
- Pay with your VISA Platinum Debit Card, by swiping, tapping and even go contactless!
- Lost/misplaced your card? Tap to order a new one. Or freeze it in-app ❄️

And much more!
● No jargon: We will always communicate with you in plain English.
● No paperwork: No branch visits, no queues & no tedious processes⏳

What is the minimum amount to open a Fixed Deposit Account?
The minimum FD opening amount is ₹1,000.

What happens if your debit card is stolen or gets lost?
We can send you a new card while you block your current card through the app.

What is the difference between Fixed Deposit and Smart Deposit?
Smart Deposit is best for short-term goals. FD is better for long-term goals.

Who are the lenders on Fi app?
Federal bank is the current lender on Fi app

What is the minimum and maximum period for repayment of loans?
The minimum period for loan repayment is 3 months and the maximum is 48 months.

What is the maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR), which generally includes the interest rate, fees and other costs for a year, or similar other rates that are calculated consistently?
This ranges from 11 to 50%, depending on a number of factors such as the principal amount, return on investment, processing fee, and the tenure of the loan.

What is a representative example of the total cost of the loan, including the principal and all applicable fees?
A loan for ₹3 lakh, taken for 18 months at an interest rate of 12% and a processing fee of 2% (not including GST) will cost the borrower about ₹36,000 all inclusive.

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