It's summer all the time in Love on Fire and the living is GOOD! Live in a luxury mansion and date a whole bunch of sexy singles who all want YOU.

Rule Breaker:
Two bickering boos stuck together in one apartment? Only a real rule breaker can decide how this sweet will-they-won’t-they will end…

Operation: Quarterback:
Take Miss Congeniality, throw her in college, mix in the town’s cute QB, and sit back for sparks to fly.

Episode lets you LIVE your stories with love, romance, adventure, and drama. Wouldn’t it be amazing if YOU were a character in your favorite story? Episode lets you do just that with over 150,000 gripping stories, where you make choices that matter.

With billions of reads and 150,000+ stories, Episode is an immense collection of interactive stories where YOU choose your destiny. Or become a creator and write your own!

How does it work?
Customize your avatar and design your outfit
Develop relationships with your favorite characters - will they be rivals or Romeos?
Change fate through your choices
Discover all of the different endings
Immerse yourself in thousands of diverse worlds, the options are endless!

Not only can you read your favorite stories, you can also write your own! Write and publish your very own interactive stories on Episode’s platform, amassing millions of reads yourself.

Some of our favorites reads:

You’ve been selected to join LOVE ON FIRE, the ultimate dating competition. You’ll live in a luxury beach-front mansion with other hot singles and look for your true love!

OPERATION: QUARTERBACK: As a young FBI agent you're assigned to protect a local football player. Problem is, he's gorgeous! Can you keep your true identity a secret as you fall in love?

BEHIND HIS MASK: How wrong can a kiss get? One, he’s your new neighbor. Two, he’s the most popular streamer. Three, it was live streamed in front of thousands of people by accident…

PRIVATE LESSONS: Your new neighbor is nothing but trouble! He’s cute, smart, athletic and after a misunderstanding between your parents, you’re now his private tutor! Things get intense when the two of you realize you’re academic rivals for the only spot left at your dream university!

BETWEEN THE TWO BILLIONAIRES: You’re hired by a billionaire to seduce his rival but the more you spend time with him, the more he opens up about his past and you become enamored. You must keep your heart on lockdown! Will you be able to complete your mission successfully?

Other goodies include:
Pretty Little Liars
Demi Lovato: Path to Fame

PLUS… more new stories EVERY WEEK!

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and all related characters and elements © & ™ Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Please note that Episode is free to play, but you are able to purchase game items with real money. If you want to limit the ability to make in-app purchases, you may create a PIN in the Settings menu from within the Google Play Store.

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January 18, 2022
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January 18, 2022
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Android 7.0+
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