A new & improved Express App gives you insider access to the latest style, exclusive offers & EXPRESS NEXT Rewards.

• View app-exclusives, offers and sales at a glance in the new Offers section.
• Check out new arrivals & the latest trends
• View your EXPRESS NEXT account & redeem Rewards
• Scan items in-store to see details & customer reviews
• Find an EXPRESS store

We’re listening! Keep the feedback coming by going to Help in your EXPRESS App to tell us what you think, or contact us at [email protected]. Be sure to keep an eye out for more app improvements and new features.

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From version EXPRESS 4.5.0:
Brrr, goodbye Polar Vortex, you won’t be missed! With this release, we’ve made some big improvements to My Express and My Profile, making it easier to navigate through them both. We’ve also made some other minor changes to improve the customer experience within the app.

Feedback or suggestions you’d like to share? We’d love to hear! Please send it to [email protected] so we can continue to improve your experience!
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