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Improvements in version 6.1.10:

• Various improvements and bug fixes

Thanks for using FAIRTIQ! We care about the quality of our app and continuously improve it. Thanks to your feedback we implemented a number of improvements and bug fixes.

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With FAIRTIQ you don’t have to buy a ticket in advance, indicate your destination or struggle to find the right zone. You will always be charged the best available price, once you have completed your journey. It doesn't matter how often you switch directions, or even if you change between trains, buses and trams. With FAIRTIQ there are no hassles, no complications, just smooth and easy travel at fair prices!

How it works

Shortly before boarding a vehicle, such as train, bus, tram or boat, simply swipe the "Start" button in the FAIRTIQ app. Your final destination does not need to be entered.
If a conductor requests ticket validation, click the "Show ticket" button and the QR code will automatically be displayed in the app.
Once you have arrived at your destination, swipe the "Stop" button in FAIRTIQ. The optimised cost for your trip is then displayed in the app.

Area of validity

> Switzerland and Liechtenstein
You can travel throughout the entire GA route network. FAIRTIQ computes for you the best available fare for your journey. Travel for example by train with SBB between Zurich and Bern, by postbus to Verbier, by bus in St. Gallen, by tram in Geneva, or a combination of everything!

> Dresden:
You can use the FAIRTIQ app for all your travels throughout VVO including ferries and mountain railways.
> Flensburg
You can use FAIRTIQ for your trips on the urban network of Flensburg.
> Göttingen
You can use FAIRTIQ for your trips in Göttingen, Bovenden and Rosdorf. The price is calculated according to the “GöVB-Luftlinientarif” (beeline tariff).
> Halle (Saale)
You can use FAIRTIQ in the city of Halle (MDV-Tariff zone 210). However it is not yet possible to travel in the rest of the Mitteldeutsche Verkehrsverbund (MDV).
> Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund
You can use FAIRTIQ for your trips in the whole tariff community of Karlsruhe.
> Magdeburg
You can use FAIRTIQ for your trips within the tariff zone 010 as well as on the line 51 to Biederitz Weidenring.
> Nordrhein-Westfalen NRW
You can use FAIRTIQ for your trips in the whole German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.
> RVL Regio Verkehrsverbund Lörrach (District of Lörrach)
You can use FAIRTIQ for your trips in the whole tariff community of Lörrach.
> Verkehrsgemeinschaft am Bayerischen Untermain
You can use FAIRTIQ for your trips in the Verkehrsgemeinschaft am Bayerischen Untermain. The price is calculated according to the “VAB-Luftlinientarif” (beeline tariff).
> Verkehrsverbund Bremen/Niedersachsen
You can use FAIRTIQ for your journeys in the Bremen/Lower Saxony tariff community.
> VMT Verkehrsverbund Mittelthüringen
You can use FAIRTIQ for your trips in the whole tariff community Central Thuringia.
> Würzburg
You can use FAIRTIQ for your trips within the Großwabe Würzburg in WVV and APG vehicles.

> Vorarlberg
You can use FAIRTIQ with all busses and trains for trips in the whole Vorarlberg as well as in the combi tariff with LIEmobil (Liechtenstein).
> Linz
You can use FAIRTIQ in the central travel zone of Linz, including the city’s Pöstlingbergbahn (cable car network). Only the regional bus network and the tram network run by the Upper Austrian Transport Authority are not covered.

Would you like to know more?

Our support team is at your disposal to answer any questions, offer advice and provide further information. Contact us at

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