Version: 3.0.345 (345)
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Package: com.fgl27.twitch
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Min: Android 5.0 (Lollipop, API 21)
Target: Android 13 (API 33)
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Requires Android TV
Uploaded January 29, 2023 at 1:45AM UTC by HoldTheDoor

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Full changelog check this:

The app has a building update check warning, when a update is available a small warning will pop, and a warning will show bellow main page clock

Phone and tablet aren't fully supported because of that you can't install this from play on those, but is possible to use the below link download and install the APK on any device

See the demonstration video here on play store to understand how the app works.

This is a Android TV Twitch client design to give you full access to all Twitch content plus a variate of features not available on others Twitch app.

Most notable features:

Multiple modes to watch streams:

4 way Multistream, 2 way Picture in Picture, Side by side chat and video, most modes have multiple option allowing you to change the video and or chat size and position.

- Simple user interface design for TV devices that only have a D-Pad as main remote control
- Fully customizable player experience, with a lot of player controls and status as, latency to broadcaster, low latency, quality/resolution, speed, several chat customization options, network health, skipped frames, direct access to channel content, game content, follow/unfollow button, etc...
- Past broadcast/Highlights (VOD) and clips with chat
- BetterTTV, FrankerFaceZ and 7TV emotes support
- Custom Unicode Emojis support
- Search for Live streams, Channel or Games
- Notifications, followed streams is now live, changed game, changed title
- Full Twitch user content, followed Live streamers, games, Past broadcast/Highlights (VOD), channels and etc.
- User history for Live, VOD and clips
- Multi user support, add as many different users as you wanna
- Easy way to switch between users, using settings you can enable so the app always starts on the user selection screen
- Small APK (Less than 2MB in average) allowing the installation on devices with a very limited storage
- Small Data storage use (average 10MB), with a auto storage self cleaning tool, no need for the user worry about data storage use or clearing the cache, the app does it automatic
- And many more features not listed

* After installation, check the in app settings and controls to understand how to use and setup the app.

For the best performance is recommended to have installed on yours device the latest version of "Android System WebView app" install it from play:

Phones and tablets aren't fully supported as the project focus is Android TV, because of that you can't install this from play store on phones or tablets, but is possible to use the below link to download the APK and install this on any device:

This is a "open source project" check it in github:

Anyone is welcome to participate of the development, you can participate via github or email

Any issue , feature request, help request or anything related can be informed via github issue or via email.

This app has no affiliation with Twitch, this is a user made app, but is only possible because Twitch provide all the API that allows the app to show Twitch content.

Those API are documented here:

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