* Added credit card features on the bottom bar for easy access
* A brand new customer support UX for quick resolution
* Multibank process made error-free and easy for users to choose a bank of their choice
* Improved the lending section for select users

Looking for the perfect one-stop high-interest savings account to park and grow your earnings? The Niyo Global Savings Account is an exclusive bank account for international travellers. (Powered by SBM Bank, India)
The integrated Niyo Global app along with the international Global Credit Card and Global Debit Card lets you manage your savings and wealth accounts seamlessly whether you are in India or travelling across the globe for business, pleasure, or studies.
Why choose Niyo Global?
✔️ZERO forex markup* saves you 3-5% on all forex transactions
✔️FREE international airport lounge access# in India
✔️Premium high-interest digital savings account with up to 6.75% p.a. interest# with monthly payouts
✔️VISA Signature debit card for domestic transactions
✔️International VISA Infinite secured credit card with full credit against FDs
✔️Upto 7% p.a. interest# on fixed deposits
✔️Increase credit limit on the go upto ₹10 lakhs
✔️Accepted in 150+ countries, just add money in INR and use it anywhere
✔️Best-in-class acceptance for 130+ currencies, no worries about currency exchange across the world
✔️Get Personal Loans quickly & 100% digital (beta rollout)
✔️ZERO commission on direct mutual fund investments
✔️Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) starting at just ₹100
✔️Track Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) balance with just your mobile number & OTP
✔️24x7 in-app live chat support to connect with us no matter where you are in the world
Niyo Global is a one-stop solution to manage your savings, investments, and international payments cost-effectively.
The INR-based Niyo Global Credit Card lets you travel in style with no forex markup* on international transactions and a best-in-class app. It takes away the hassle of loading different currencies on a multi-currency forex card. Niyo Global Credit Card automatically converts INR each time you use it to make a payment in a foreign currency. You no longer need a forex card or a travel card - Niyo Global Credit Card does it all!
How to open a Niyo Global account?
Time: Less than 5 minutes
Documents: PAN, Aadhaar, Passport
1) Download the Niyo Global App
2) Verify your mobile number (linked to your Aadhaar and SIM present on your device)
3) Verify your Email ID
4) Enter your PAN details
5) Set your Passcode
6) Create your Savings, and Wealth accounts by following the simple intuitive steps on the app
If you are looking for a student travel card, the best card for students, or the best business travel card, your search ends here. The Niyo Global Credit Card is the only international travel card you will need during your travels to manage your finances on the go.
How do Personal Loans work?
- Tenure: 90 days - 36 months
- Interest rate: 14-20% p.a.
- Processing fee: 2.3%-3% of the loan amount + 18% GST

- Loan amount: ₹100,000
- Tenure: 12 months
- Interest rate: 14%
- EMI amount: ₹2,733
- Total interest payable: ₹31,167
- Processing fee (incl. GST): ₹2,950
- Disbursed amount: ₹97,050
NBFC Declaration: Niyo Global acts as a platform for RBI-licensed NBFCs. Liquiloans is the NBFC which uses our platform.
Download the app and experience the sheer brilliance of global digital banking with Niyo Global!
*T&C Apply

Niyo Global is a one-stop solution to handle your savings and wealth on the go whether you are in India or travelling to 150+ countries worldwide.

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