Tired of jumping through multiple loops to get something done at your local bank? Confused by financial lingo? NiyoX is here to decode banking for you with an intuitive, easy-to-use app and a 2-in-1 Savings + Wealth account. Opening your NiyoX digital savings account is fast, efficient, 100% paperless, and entirely online. We’re here to make banking simple, safe, and smart and put you in charge of your finances.

NiyoX 2-in-1 Savings + Wealth account is the perfect place to start if you’re looking to open a zero balance savings account. Why? With NiyoX you get the best interest rates on savings and free online fund transfers.

NiyoX offers the financial trinity: Add a touch of 007 to your finances with NiyoX!
- ₹0 Account maintenance charge
- 0% Commission on mutual fund investments
- 7% interest* p.a. on savings

How NiyoX puts the ‘X’ in neobanking:

* 2-in-1 Savings + Wealth Account
* Highest interest rate savings account
* Digital Salary Account gives cashback with every salary credit*
* Instant Virtual Debit Card on account opening
* Card locks and limits to control expenses via different payment channels (Online, Card swipe, ATM, International)
* ZERO forex markup card with Tap & Pay
* ‘Invest the Change’ lets you save while you spend, and invest your spare change
* Get Personal Loans quick & 100% digital (Beta Rollout)
- Tenure: 90 days - 36 months
- Interest rate: 16-36% p.a.
- Processing fee: 2.5-5% of loan amount with min. processing fee of ₹1000 + 18% GST

- Loan amount: ₹50,000
- Tenure: 12 months
- Interest rate: 22%
- EMI amount: ₹4,680
- Total interest payable: ₹6,160
- Processing fee (incl. GST): ₹1,475
- Disbursed amount: ₹48,525
- Total amount payable: ₹56,160
- Total cost loan: ₹7,635
NBFC Declaration: NiyoX acts as a platform for the NBFCs licensed by the RBI. The NBFC which uses our service is Hero FinCorp.

* Track Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) balance with just your mobile number & OTP
* Exclusive onboarding deals and regular reward
* Wave feature to hide your account balance & keep it safe from prying eyes
* Niyo Community forum to get answers and share feedback
* 24x7 in-app suppor

How to open a NiyoX account?

Time: Less than 10 minutes
Documents: PAN, Aadhaar

Steps for opening savings account:
1. Download the NiyoX App
2. Enter your mobile number (linked to your Aadhaar)
3. Enter your PAN & Aadhaar number
4. Enter personal details
5. NiyoX account is ready!

More Benefits of NiyoX Savings Bank Account:

* Digital Salary Account with cashback for every salary credit*
* ₹5 lakhs insurance for your funds by DICGC, a subsidiary of RBI
* Choice of designs for a Platinum VISA Debit Card

Digital Banking Services with a human touch

Digitization has brought the entire world to our smartphones, so it’s only logical that your finances follow suit. Why should you go to a bank and wait in queues and fill out complicated paperwork when you can manage your finances on your smartphone? NiyoX solves this pain point for the modern consumer who wants everything at their disposal at a moment’s notice. NiyoX also gives you the best salary account that keeps giving back rewards each month--a true companion for all salaried Indians.

Although there is no physical branch, your money is always available to you and is kept secure in your Equitas Small Finance Bank account. We use strong encryption protocols to keep your funds safe. If you need help, we’re just a click away.

NiyoX takes permission to access your SMS to customize personal finance insights. It includes bank balances of savings accounts too.

Partner NBFC: Hero FinCorp in partnership with Prefr
URLs: www.herofincorp.com/partners

Terms and Conditions:

From version NiyoX - Digital Banking 2.1.1:

Currency Converter: Whether you want to travel abroad or make a purchase in foreign currency; we've got this for you! With our new Currency Converter feature, you can check live visa exchange rates for all major currencies in one click.

Tools Section: Discover all your go-to features and quick actions right on the home screen under our new Tools section.

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