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After the launch of the new Flitsmeister PRO, the developers immediately started making other improvements to the app, including the zoom level in Android Auto. You'll now have a better overview on the map, which is really convenient! Oh, and are you curious about Flitsmeister PRO? Check out the menu in the top left corner of the app and join the club!

Receive alerts of approaching speed cameras, avoid unnecessary fines and enjoy real-time traffic information with Flitsmeister. The app helps you navigate to your destination and as a cherry on top, you get to start a parking action upon arrival. All of this in a single app and throughout the whole of Europe. Making your life easier, safer and more efficient before, during and after your trip, Flitsmeister is your best friend!

There are several other ways in which Flitsmeister will make your life easier:

• Mobile and fixed speed cam, speed check zone alerts; to save your hard-earned cash.

• Traffic jam alerts; check in advance whether you will be encountering a traffic jam on your route and start a new route if necessary.

• Service vehicle alerts such as ambulances and fire trucks, to help you get out of the way calmly and in time so they can reach their destination more quickly.

• Accidents, roadworks, stationary vehicles and other incident alerts: allowing you to anticipate the situation safely and in time.

• Matrix sign alerts: never miss a closed exit, opened rush hour lane or maximum speed instructions ever again.

• Navigation: the right instructions to get from A to B, taking into account the current situation on the road or recommending a different route if disturbances are expected on your route.

• Paid parking: start a parking action upon arrival at your destination with the tap of a button. The app will recognise whether you are located in a parking zone to make sure you don’t forget to start the parking action. We will send you a notification as soon as you get back behind the wheel so you never forget to stop your parking action and never overpay.

• Traffic lights: certain traffic lights in the Netherlands will send their current status to the app. The number of these ‘smart’ traffic lights will be increasing in the future, allowing us to show you a countdown for the green light and speed recommendations to keep you in the green wave.

• Overlay: the app offers an overlay, allowing you to run Flitsmeister in the background without losing sight of the current and maximum speed as well as alerts.

Our entire team is dedicated to making the app better and more complete every single day. We boast a robust community with over 1.7 million active users in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Flitsmeister’s traffic information is mostly composed by the community; you can submit reports and assess the reports of others. A total of almost 25,000,000 reports is submitted every year.

Got any questions or comments? Send them over to Our supportmeisters are there to assist you.

Coming from V-Traffic?

Welcome to the Flitsmeister community. Together with 1.8 million other drivers we eliminate frustrations in traffic. We are doing all we can to make your transition to Flitsmeister as smooth as possible. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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