The best, with outstanding design, most complete and customizable calendar widget 馃敟

This is the Lite version of the full paid app Home Agenda:

It's a full fledged widget but with fewer customization options. You can preview all the settings to see how the widget would look in the paid version!

Lite Features:
路 Show past events;
路 Filter events for Today, Tomorrow or everything else;
路 Ability to hide declined events;
路 Ability to highlight events running today;
路 Customize which calendars to show/hide;
路 Customize the events list background color.

This widget is compatible and battle tested with all the popular launchers you know and love 馃敟

I can't wait for you try it, I'm sure you're going to love it.

馃弳 Android Police "Best Android apps of 2018" list! 馃憦

The icon is masterfully crafted by Tom Wellington @wellingtonicons
All the wallpapers shown in the screenshots are downloaded from Walli app.

Unfortunately due to lack of a public API from Google there isn't a known way to fetch Reminders from Google Calendar. As much as I would love to do so (because I use Reminders myself all the time) at present time that is, unfortunately, impossible.

Is this translated into my language?
This app is currently translated to (in no particular order)

路 Spanish
路 Portuguese
路 Italian
路 German
路 Russian
路 French
路 Hungarian
路 Polish
路 Hebrew

Have a question?
Feel free to reach out! Unlike most developers you will find, I'm more than happy to respond.

If you have a problem, before putting in that one star review, please reach out to @franciscof_1990 on Twitter, or send me an e-mail to I'm always happy to get back to you.

Enjoy the app!

From version Calendar Widget by Home Agenda Lite 3.5.1:

New 3.5 release
1. Reliabilty improvements!
2. Removed foreground services with persistent notifs, now the periodic calendar sync occurs every 15 minutes in the background to keep your events updated
3. Unfortunately had to delete the "weather" feature because Google has removed that feature. I'm currently looking into free alternatives
4. Updated some UI elements for better experience

More customization options coming in a future release!

(Android 5.0+)
Latest: 3.4.2 on December 6, 2019
(Android 6.0+)
Latest: 3.5.1 on November 22, 2020
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