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We're constantly making updates and improvements to our app in order to provide the best experience possible for browsing, discovering and watching our library of over 8000 videos

Gaia is your guide to conscious life. We're dedicated to finding and creating informative films, original shows, practices, and documentaries that aren't available through mainstream media. We look to elevate your awareness through enlightening content covering personal transformation, ancient origins, alternative medicine, and much more. Gaia is your window into a new way of viewing the world.

Gaia is the premier streaming platform where the world's top thought leaders and teachers share knowledge and expertise to empower your conscious awakening. Seek your truth with our library of 8,000+ videos, films, documentaries, series, and live events aimed at answering life’s biggest questions, ranging from metaphysics, shamanism, and even ancient origins of lost civilizations.

Stream videos on personal transformation, yoga, meditation, and more with Gaia as your guide to holistic mental health and spirituality. Use our videos to discover new perspectives today. Gaia is a complete resource for personal transformation, mindful living, and universal consciousness.

Whether you want to enjoy a mindful daily yoga practice, practice deep meditation, or you're seeking truth through metaphysics, fuel the pursuit of your highest potential with Gaia.


- Discover ancient history, metaphysics, yoga, meditation, alternative health and more
- Explore videos according to your taste and let your conscious journey begin
- Enjoy exclusive content and videos that push the boundaries of tradition and encourage different ways of viewing the world
- Challenge what you know about life from ufos, to zodiac signs, to the ancient origins of man
- Learn more about spirituality and explore the world of astral projection, tarot cards, and hypnosis

- Join thought leaders in exploring topics like lucid dreaming, spiritual healing, and aura health
- Dive into a vast library of content that will have you questioning what you know about the world
- Ponder the mysteries of metaphysics, extraterrestrial life, astrology, and more
- Navigate the intricacies of topics such as plant medicine, hypnosis, and energy healing

- Access the world’s best teachers and spiritual luminaries to guide you on your self care path
- Enjoy exercises for personal growth, from yoga nidra, meditation, mindful breathing, and more
- Navigate the world’s largest conscious media network for a deep mental, physical, and spiritual connection
- Learn the anxiety relief benefits of intermittent fasting, unblocking chakras and other holistic health techniques

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**Android 5.0 or newer required.

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Version:4.4.3 (3202)PR

Uploaded:March 15, 2023 at 12:10AM UTC

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Gaia: Streaming Consciousness 4.4.2 (3176)PR

Version:4.4.2 (3176)PR

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Gaia: Streaming Consciousness 4.4.1 (3171)PR

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Gaia: Streaming Consciousness 4.4.0 (3147)PR

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Gaia: Streaming Consciousness 4.3.14 (3137)PR

Version:4.3.14 (3137)PR

Uploaded:January 29, 2023 at 5:58PM UTC

File size:87.72 MB


Gaia: Streaming Consciousness 4.3.13 (3106)PR

Version:4.3.13 (3106)PR

Uploaded:December 20, 2022 at 8:03PM UTC

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