Forget that one secret ingredient for grandma’s famous holiday recipe? Getir to the rescue! Spend more time with loved ones and leave the grocery shopping to us. We’ve been working hard to improve our app to make your ordering experience even better. Order now from the comfort of your home and we’ll be with you in minutes.

Getir delivers grocery and home goods in minutes. Choose from more than 1,500 fresh goods, drinks, snacks, quick meals, pet food and many others and we’ll have them at your door in minutes, seamless grocery delivery day or night. You can also take advantage of special offers and discounts with our in-app promotions and coupons.

Craving late-night pizza for your Netflix binge? Want to channel your inner home-chef this weekend and run out of burgers? Need some ready-made cold brew coffee so you can make it through Monday morning? No need to stock up your fridge any more. App to the door in minutes, get fast grocery delivery with Getir.

Why Getir? The bigger question is…why not?

At Getir, we deliver groceries to your door in minutes, day or night. It’s never been faster or easier. With pricing similar to local grocery stores and low delivery fees, what have you got to lose? Browse more than 1,500 products, from tasty treats, ready made food to household essentials. We’ve got a whole catalog of your favorite brands like your usual supermarket, including:
- Fresh produce
- Delicious snacks and deli items
- Soft drinks and bottled water
- Frozen food, ice cream, and dessert
- Personal and baby care products
- Home and pet essentials

You can say goodbye to substitutions, too. We have a real-time inventory, so what you order is what you get. Getir’s delivery service is also contact-free to help you stay safe.

Skip the grocery lines because we know that your time matters now more than ever. Why spend your time waiting hours for a delivery, when you can have your groceries brought to you in minutes?

How are we that fast?

The secrets in the sauce. We have a network of mini stores where our riders (you’ve probably seen them around the city wearing purple) pack your order. Although speed is our mission, safety is key, and one rule we don’t like to bend are those concerning traffic. We’ve always said Getir is nothing without our Getirians and we hope you understand if we arrive a few minutes late. We mean well and want to ensure the safety of our riders.

Just download the app, place an order and groceries will be delivered to your home in minutes.

Download the Getir app today and get a discount on your first delivery!

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November 29, 2022
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