Early SDK access for Google I/O
If you are building and testing AR apps built with this SDK during the week of Google I/O 2019, note that you will mostly likely need to manually side-load the corresponding ARCore 1.9.0 APK onto your development device. This prevents the app from prompting the user to update ARCore to version 1.9, which may not yet be available to all users.

To side-load the APK:

Download the ARCore_1.9.0.apk from ARCore SDK for Android releases page
Verify that you are using an ARCore Supported Device
Run adb install -r ARCore_1.9.0.apk to side-load the ARCore APK onto your supported device
Breaking & behavioral changes
When using a Session that is configured to use a front-facing (selfie) camera, getSupportedCameraConfigs() will return one or more supported camera configs. For apps built using ARCore SDK 1.7.0 or 1.8.0, three identical camera configs were returned when using the front-facing (selfie) camera.
getMeshTriangleIndices(…) now returns a ShortBuffer instead of a CharBuffer.
New APIs and capabilities
ARCore can now track moving Augmented Images. Previously, images were assumed to not move, and their pose would only be updated infrequently.
ARCore can continue tracking images even though they are longer visible to the camera. Use AugmentedImage#getTrackingMethod() (Java) or ArAugmentedImage_getTrackingMethod() (NDK) to determine whether the image is currently being tracked by the camera (FULL_TRACKING), or is being tracked based on its last known pose (LAST_KNOWN_POSE).
Adds the Scene Viewer feature, which can be used to view 3D models in AR from most Android browsers with the web component.
Other changes
Removes the check for the device tracking state in augmented_image_c and augmented_image_java samples. Augmented Images now can track images when the device tracking state is not tracking.
Bug fixes
Fixed a NullPointerException that was thrown when setting a null AugmentedImageDatabase in the session configuration.
Fixed issue causing face meshes to only render on Android O (API Level 26) and above devices, due to mesh data being returned with incorrect byte order.
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190422056 APK
May 7, 2019
arm64-v8a + armeabi-v7a
Android 7.0+
190422059 APK
May 7, 2019
x86 + x86_64
Android 7.0+
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