Version: 1.0.437759103.beta (368058) (368058)
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Min: Android 9.0 (Pie, API 28)
Target: Android 12 (API 31)
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Uploaded March 29, 2022 at 7:55PM UTC by Anthony Maki

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Wind Down is now Bedtime mode and has the following new features:

• Turn on Bedtime mode automatically with a daily schedule or while your phone is charging at bedtime
• Pause Bedtime mode if you need more time before bed
• Turn Bedtime mode on or off with a single tap from Quick Settings

See a complete picture of your digital habits and disconnect when you want to.

Get a daily view of your digital habits:
• How frequently you use different apps
• How many notifications you receive
• How often you check your phone or unlock your device

Disconnect when you want to:
• Daily app timers let you set limits for how much you use apps.
• Bedtime mode reminds you to switch off at night, setting a schedule to fade your screen to Grayscale while Do Not Disturb silences notifications for a good night’s sleep.
• Focus mode lets you pause distracting apps with a single tap so you can better focus your time. You can also set a schedule to turn on Focus mode automatically and reduce distractions while you’re at work, school, or home.

Get started:
• Look for Digital Wellbeing in your phone’s Settings menu

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1.0.437759103.beta (368058) APK
March 29, 2022
Android 9.0+
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Digital Wellbeing 1.0.437759103 (368057)

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