• Measure vertical surfaces (i.e walls). Move your device slowly around a wall until the yellow reticle lays flat along it
• Connect measurement points with ease for better accuracy
• Bug fixes and performance improvements

Measure helps you with quick everyday measurements around the house or office, similar to a tape measure. With the Measure app, you can:
• Measure the length and height of objects on flat surfaces, ​like​ the size of a rug, the width of a sofa, or the height of a table
• Easily switch between imperial and metric units
• Take a photo of your measurement
• Copy measurement to clipboard
Move your phone around the space to find flat surfaces such as a tabletop or the floor. Point and tap to start your measurement and adjust it accordingly. When finished, tap on measurements to get quick reference to unit conversion, copy, and delete functions.
Measurements taken with this app are estimates.

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191120023 APK
November 26, 2019
Android 7.0+
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November 26, 2019
Android 7.0+
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