The Grammarly Keyboard helps you write mistake-free and with ease in any app you use on your mobile device. It provides hundreds of checks and features, along with seamless integration. Whether you’re sending an urgent email, important LinkedIn message, or essential Facebook post, you can write from your phone with confidence.

Mistake-Free Writing
– Sophisticated grammar checker
– Contextual spelling checker
– Advanced punctuation correction
– Vocabulary enhancements

Works Everywhere
– Keyboard integrates smoothly with all apps
– Easy to set up

Improve Your Skills
– See short, clear explanations for every correction
– Helps you understand your mistakes and avoid them in the future
From version Grammarly Keyboard — Type with confidence
This major update includes some new features, stability improvements, and an improved login flow:
1. We have fixed most of the reported issues with text corruption and cursor jumping.
2. The keyboard now includes all emojis supported by your device.
3. The new predictive text feature can now be disabled in the keyboard settings.
Even though we are not yet replying to reviews, we are constantly monitoring all of them to make our product meet your needs.
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