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Ranked #1 in 2018 🏆 PureVPN is a one-stop solution for your online security, anonymity and privacy. We are the the only Free VPN service with Ozone & Gravity. This means that you get the safety and protection of an antivirus, as well as IDS/IPS, content/web filtering, app blocker & DNS protection, packaged in a state of the art cyber security solution.

PureVPN offers you free unlimited VPN without any bandwidth or speed issues, thereby making it the best virtual private network provider in the market. When it comes to privacy, you can be assured that no one can outdo us!

With PureVPN, you get:
• Absolute anonymity on the web
• Proactive protection from online threats and malware
• Ozone layer to stop and block incoming threats
• Gravity to keep your internet requests secure
• Support in multiple languages


Ozone by PureVPN offers a variety of advanced features that make PureVPN the perfect hotspot VPN with features like:

Content Filter: This handy feature scans and eliminates annoying and undesired content
Web Filter: A parental-control like feature to stop kids & employees from accessing certain webpages or content
Smart Antivirus Protection: This feature watches your back, guarding you from despicable malwares and viruses
IDS and IPS: A built-in proactive firewall that protects you against would-be invaders trying to infiltrate your network or device
App Blocker: Don’t want an app to run on your device? Now you can stop it with this feature.

PureVPN protects your outgoing internet requests with Gravity. This features encrypts your requests and sends it through our encrypted DNS servers, stopping malicious and rogue websites from loading on your network or device, and eliminating threats even before they arise.

Here’s what you get with PureVPN – The Best Free VPN for Android:

PureVPN is a complete VPN package for all your cyber security needs. It comes with:

• Wi-Fi VPN & Security
• Hotspot VPN
• Auto Connect on Launch
• 24/7 Live Support
• Android Widget
• Multi Ports Integration
• Split Tunneling
• Reinforced Encryption
• Unlimited Proxy VPN

With over 750+ servers strategically located in 180+ cities around the globe, PureVPN’s network is optimized for lightning-fast speeds. With PureVPN, access the internet like it is meant to be - fast & secure - without any restrictions whatsoever.

With PureVPN for Android, you also get:

• Free 2GB bandwidth
• Secure connection - even over unsafe Public Wi-Fi networks
• Ping test to help you find the fastest VPN connection
• Better and more seamless UI for easier navigation
• Internet Kill Switch stops all internet activities in case the Android VPN connection drops
• Maximum protection against hackers and spies
• Lightning-fast VPN connection over ultra-optimized servers
• Seamless streaming on your favorite websites and video streaming channels
• Fortified encryption for your internet traffic and data
• Downloading with 100% anonymity & privacy
• Integrated Split Tunneling VPN connection
• Smooth connectivity over Wi-Fi, LTE & 3G
• Access to the most popular Online Entertainment and Infotainment Channels

With the Split Tunneling feature, you can select the data that goes through your VPN and ISP – which makes your connection extremely efficient.

PureVPN's Premium Service for Free Unlimited Proxy VPN:

You can subscribe to the best VPN proxy by visiting “” to enjoy add-ons, advanced features, multiple protocols, 5 multi-logins, private browsing, and a lot more. PureVPN offers several different payment options including Bitcoin.

The testimony to our years of best VPN services lies in the fact that we have been rated 9.5 out of 10 on TrustPilot.

DOWNLOAD NOW and join a family of more than 2.5 million satisfied Android VPN users today to enjoy the web with the fastest, most secure and the most reliable free VPN service available!
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October 3, 2018
Android 4.2+
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