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We're excited to launch Himalaya stories - a piece of 10min story each day about the life of someone who changes history. Get inspired by truly extraordinary lives. Only at Himalaya.

📚 Himalaya, a brainchild of Ximalaya 喜马拉雅, is an inspirational content app, featuring short audio courses and motivational stories. Get the insights that can improve your life, and work on your personal development.

Listen to inspirational stories 📕 and work on your self-improvement with Himalaya. Get access to a whole library of inspirational short audio courses.

Enjoy new motivational stories every week, and use your free time to learn from amazing biographical insights.

Get motivated every day with a new Himalaya Story, then get ahead by learning from the credentialed experts behind our extensive library of audio courses. Expand your knowledge and work on your self-improvement. Listen to a wide variety of inspirational stories and educational courses.

Himalaya Stories feature the biggest turning points from the lives of the most extraordinary people. Each story delivers an exciting journey with music and cinematic soundscapes, all in 10 minutes or less.

Himalaya Courses cover a huge array of different topics, giving you the insights and new skills you need to succeed in your career and your personal life.

Let our stories motivate you to get the knowledge you need to become the best version of yourself.

Our stories are designed to deliver the most useful and important insights to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. And our courses are divided into bite-sized, actionable lessons from experts like Mark Manson, Arianna Huffington, and Tim Ferriss.

Himalaya gives you the opportunity for a true self-improvement journey. Our stories will inspire and motivate you, while our courses will give you the skills and knowledge you need to set and achieve your most ambitious goals. Audio makes it easy to listen, and become part of a like-minded community making progress every day.

Discover the best courses for self-improvement. Get insights every day to improve the quality of your life.

Learn from the world’s greatest minds, and boost your practical knowledge to conquer personal and professional milestones. Get insights from famous people and their stories.

Himalaya makes it easy to find what you need: explore our entire library of stories and courses anywhere, anytime. If you’re hungry for knowledge and self-improvement, we’re here for you.

📖 Inspiring Stories – hear about the biggest turning points in the lives of the most extraordinary people.

🎒 High-Impact Audio Courses - Let credentialed experts help you achieve your personal and professional goals

💡Ultimate flexibility – listen anywhere, anytime with a robust, intuitive app.

⌨️ Bite-sized content – Your time is valuable. Get inspiration and insights in ten minutes or less.

🧳 Learn your way – With over 30 topics spanning the personal, the practical, and the professional, you’ll have the tools you need.

⏰ Accessible – Listen to free stories and insights every day and unlock exclusive content at a no-brainer cost.

🌱 Immersive – With supplemental material and community helming a flexible learning experience, learning doesn’t stop when the audio does.

Take these stories and courses wherever you go with our robust and intuitive platform.

Enjoy the Himalaya community and unlock an exclusive network of like-minded, intellectually curious people just like you. Start your self-improvement journey now.

Himalaya is an immersive learning platform that provides an extensive library of courses and motivational stories straight to your ears from the world's greatest minds. Fuel your personal and professional growth (self-improvement) with bite-sized and impactful lessons.

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