Does your baby love Masha and the Bear cartoons? Then he’ll also like our cool preschool games for little kids! The colourful world and favourite characters are waiting for him!

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Uh-oh, the trash is everywhere! What a messy room! Cartoon Masha girl is planning to clean room! Baby will help her with it and also improve concentration and motor skills. No worries - our games are specifically designed for toddlers, so they will study something new easily, with fun and interest!

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It’s so hard to clean house! You should do a variety of things - for example, cleaning up, washing laundry, organizing toys! Let’s tidy up the messy room and decorate house after that! Your little taylor will fix clothes and toys. And when it comes to the rest, he can prepare the herbarium and burst the soap bubbles! 🌟 Our game for kindergarten learning teach preschool child to help his parents. Playing educational games is even more fun and useful than watching russian cartoons!

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There are so much places in the home - kitchen, bedroom and even courtyard! Masha and the Bear can’t manage cleaning up themselves! Your baby can help them playing our family games free, while parents are resting or busy!

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Key features of the cleaning games for kids:

👶 Baby learning games are suitable both for little ones and for preschoolers!
👗 “Clean up messy room” game for smart kids! Little tailor will cut fabrics and fix toys and clothes! Also he’ll iron, wash floor, fix scratches, decorate house and so on.
🍁 “The courtyard” game. Leaves are falling! Let’s tidy up the yard and remove trash! But first of all we’ll collect the herbarium!
🛁 “Washing laundry” game. Masha is so dirty - she needs to take a shower! And the washing machine will help us with laundry.
🕹 Mini games for kids! Let’s order by size, find all animals’ footprints and improve motor skills!
📱 Easy and cool gameplay suitable both for baby and for 5 years old child, for kindergarten and home.
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 The game is free and family-friendly.
🧒🐻 For girls and boys who loves Masha and the Bear videos!
👦👧 Games for boys and girls!
💫 Playing cleanup games with favourite characters is so funny!

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For example, in Masha Cooking toddler will cook funny foods, feed cute animals and wash dirty dishes!

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