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Fight alongside nearly a hundred heroes from three different evolutionary factions in a technologically dominated futuristic RPG world!!
Recruit legendary Terran, Atlas, and Wenfyr heroes and lead them in the battle to save and rebuild Eternal Evolution. Everything is built on the foundation of survival! Recruit, select, train, and get to know the heroes with whom you will fight. Resist evil bosses by forming your own distinct team to combat the numerous bosses!


- Strategic Depth
Select the best equipment and artifacts for your heroes to unleash their true power! Create the best team for each boss and utilize their abilities: summoners, assassins, supports, and DPS heroes.

- Monster Variety
Defeat hundreds of formidable bosses to amass a fortune in gold, combat experience, and equipment! Dragons must be decapitated, and armies of psykers, monsters, and evil golems must be defeated. Reach for legendary mystical equipment and supreme artifacts over their dead bodies!
dragons, necromancers, golems, and other fell beasts

- Freedom of Control
Select your preferred mode of combat, either automatic or manual. Compatible with various game modes, with the ability to obtain massive amounts of free resources simply by afk; Alternatively, you can join the battle yourself, overcoming difficult levels and gaining moba/rts experience.

- Insane PvE Experience
There are many pve mode to choose from, such as magma purgatory, the giant tower reaching the sky, the land of twilight dawn, and the hell shrouded in extreme cold. There are many scenes waiting for you to unlock, as well as more than just equipment and resources.

- Superb Graphics
4K HD visual quality with a 144H refresh rate! Eternal Evolution features HD models that display every detail, fantastic battle effects, and an immersive fighting experience!

- Fight Together
Fight side by side with your friends, form guilds in the world of Eternal Evolution, and team up to take on bosses.

- PVP Arena
Can you shine in a sea of battles? Do you want to advance to the next level? The true thousand-person arena, grind through the group stage and enter the championship qualification. Compete for the tournament's ultimate title and a variety of prizes.

- High Degree of Freedom
Choose the right equipment and artifacts for your heroes, then activate their abilities as you see fit to create a truly unique hero.

- Collect Heroes
Gather nearly 100 heroes from Terran, Atlas, and Wenfyr. Create mighty armies over sea, sky, and strange worlds to vanquish your adversaries and bosses.

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