Version: 1.28.0-beta1 (202201222)
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Package: com.superthomaslab.hueessentials
8.57 MB (8,991,350 bytes)
Min: Android 5.0 (Lollipop, API 21)
Target: Android 12 (API 31)
Requires Android TV
Uploaded January 23, 2022 at 1:36AM UTC by Hue Essentials

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8.57 MB
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APK Notes:

• New UI for Wear OS app of Hue Essentials (beta release)

• Kobold by Phoscon is now supported and can be configured on deCONZ
• Fix for devices screen not loading
• Fix for setting multiple colours on LIFX lights
• Window covering controllers on deCONZ are now supported
• Added light icons for new LIDL lights
• Bug fixes

Imagine unlimited possibilities in your smart home. Set scenes and fast effects to your mood.

Experience Dance Sensation in your entertainment area with Philips Hue Entertainment. Enjoy a more colorful ambiance on your IKEA TRADFRI gateway.

Feel more in control with schedules and automation from sunrise to sunset. Widgets, Shortcuts, Quick settings tiles, and Wear OS help you get more out of your smart lights.

Control multiple bridges simultaneously without switching between them.

Supported devices
• Philips Hue bridge
• Philips Hue Bluetooth lights
• IKEA TRÅDFRI gateway
• deCONZ (ConBee)
• diyHue

Scenes & effects
Create the perfect ambiance from your photos or the included photo library. Experience special animations like lava, fireplace, fireworks, or lightning.

Wake up at sunrise and go to sleep at sunset with fading lights.

Get into the party on the beats of your music. Sync your lights for a night of disco with strobe effects (updates 25 times/sec).

Quick access
Create rooms and groups to organize your lights. You can even put a light in several groups. Place widgets for temperature sensors, easy control of lights, setting color and brightness without opening of the app.

Add shortcuts to your home screen for quick opening of your room. Control your lights through an optional notification in the notification panel.

Smart lights & controls
The unique ‘Touchlink’ search allows you to find new (3rd party, Zigbee) lights. Use included wizards for easy setup of your devices.

You can set scenes, actions, or even multiple scenes on a button to make your switch a real investment. Experience the right ambiance during different times of your day with your motion sensor. All of your creations are stored on the bridge. Easy for you and your family.

Configure endless automation possibilities through the Tasker plugin.

Make it look like you are at home using 'Away from Home' (out of home control).

Communicate directly with your Hue bridge using the API debugger. View technical details of your Hue bridge and update its resources like lights and sensors.

You want it all?
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