ICQ is a convenient and easy to use messenger service. Always be in touch with ICQ's features:

• securely encrypted calls
• high-quality video calls
• speech-to-text for voice messages
• ability to create your own stickers
• animated 3D masks and video calls
• livechats with unlimited participants and channels
• chat synchronization across all devices

And all these features are free and without ads!
From version ICQ — Video Calls & Chat Messenger 7.0(822681):
In this update, we've brought you:
• Message editing! (applause, whistles, euphoria)
• A new sticker gallery, search by stickers, choose stickers for an entered emoji
• A special tag indicating that you've been mentioned in a chat. Mark your friends or group participants in messages and they'll see it right away!
• A notification that a message has been read in group chats in the form of small participant avatars
• Fifth point to round the count up to five
All versions