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Min: Android 5.0 (Lollipop, API 21)
Target: Android 11 (API 30)
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Preview release of Media Bar! :)

Media Bar (beta) doubles up your system's status bar as a media playback controller and progress indicator!

Whether you're listening to a podcast/music while browsing/gaming/multitasking or watching videos, you can now not only see the progress of the media through a thin bar at the top/bottom of your status bar but can also scrub through the media by swiping left/right on the status bar.

You can now quickly jump to a specific segment or forward/backward in steps of your song/podcast/video. Watching a long movie/podcast? Media Bar can be color coded to tell you the progress of the playback. Example:- Green Media Bar till 75% of the podcast, and it turns red till 100%.

Media Bar also has 3 invisible buttons that can be assigned to perform specific actions upon single tap, double tap and long press. The buttons touch regions can be customized as well.

Available actions/playback controls for Media Bar:

✓ Play/Pause
✓ Backward
✓ Forward
✓ Jump Backward by 'X' seconds
✓ Jump Forward by 'X' seconds
✓ Launch App

Media Bar features:

✓ The 3 invisible button regions can be adjusted.
✓ Media Bar can be configured to be as thin as 1 pixel.
✓ Media Bar can be located either top or bottom of the Status Bar.
✓ Media Bar's background can be opaque or transparent.
✓ Media Bar's origin can be configured to be left/center/right.
✓ Media Bar can auto hide on full screen Apps.
✓ Media Bar can be color coded with various color configurations available.

Media Bar color coded:

✓ Solid - Media Bar will always display in a single(any) color of your choice.
✓ Dynamic - Media Bar can change colors according to either the App which is playing the media or based on the album art of the media.
✓ Segments - Whole of Media Bar will change to a specific color based on progress of media.
✓ Merged Segment - Media Bar will display all the segments of color you've assigned while making the progress.
✓ Gradient Segment - Whole of Media Bar will gracefully change its color as it progresses from one segment of the media playing to another.
✓ Gradient - Media Bar will display a gradient of color as it progresses through the media.

Accessibility Service Requirement:
Android requires Energy Bar to run as an Accessibility Service, to be able to display on Lock Screen. It does not read/monitor any data, whatsoever. This is especially useful for people who have disability to read numbers and work better with visual data.

No charging animation? Solution for Samsung devices
Settings > Accessibility > Visibility enhancements > Remove Animations > uncheck if it's checked.

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