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Version: 1.7.0 (4435)
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Package: com.ikea.inter.homesmart.system2
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Min: Android 8.0 (Oreo, API 26)
Target: Android 13 (API 33)
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Uploaded March 31, 2023 at 9:06AM UTC by HoldTheDoor

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Motion sensors just got a bit smarter! You can now set up your sensors to look for movement based on the sunrise and sunset time in your local area. No more bumping into things if you need to find the bathroom in the middle of the night, simply set a low light to guide you.

With IKEA Home smart app and DIRIGERA hub, it's easy to create smarter everyday moments with lighting, speakers, blinds and air quality products.

Picture yourself waking up as your smart lights gently rise. Your favorite songs play on the speakers and you still haven't gotten out of bed. How lovely, right? Smart products like lighting, speakers, blinds and air purifiers can make a lovely addition to your everyday life. When you improve the IQ of your home, life itself runs a bit smoother.

The magic happens when you combine two or more smart products from IKEA, tell them what to do in the app and save it as a 'Scene'.

A great scene is one you will use often. Think about waking up and going to bed, cooking and eating, date night and family time, or leaving and coming home. All everyday moments when we can support you with the best lighting, sound that suits your mood, and cleaner air.

When it comes to control, we think of everyone, from young to old and even visitors. So while the app gives you total control to customize your smart home, our range of remotes make it easy for everyone to live with and use a smart home.

In control
• You can control products individually or in groups. You can turn whole rooms on and off or the whole home, all at once.
• Dim and change light colors, adjust blinds, speaker volume, and much more.
• Set the scenes you need and trigger them with schedules, a shortcut button or use the app.

Easy to use
• The home screen gives a fast overview of your whole home. Quickly control products, access rooms, or start/stop scenes. This is also where you add new products, rooms, and scenes.

Organized and personal
• Organizing your smart products in rooms gives fast access to the products you want to control.
• Personalize the app with your choice of icons, names and colors for rooms and products
• Create personal scenes, for example your own combination of cosy lighting and your favorite music.

• Connect to Amazon Alexa or Google Home to use a voice assistant.

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IKEA Home smart 1.10.0
May 25, 2023


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April 17, 2023


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IKEA Home smart 1.7.0
March 31, 2023


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March 21, 2023


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IKEA Home smart 1.6.0
March 17, 2023


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March 1, 2023


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February 17, 2023


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February 1, 2023


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IKEA Home smart 1.2.4
January 25, 2023


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