Instagram made changes so there are new fixes for those having problems.

Photo / Videos / Reels / Stories are working.
Credit watermark now working (without profile photo for now)

Multi-photo posts are still being worked on and will be released shortly.

Please email me if you have any problems. Thanks.

Regrann - Repost for Instagram lets you repost Instagram photos and videos without adding watermarks. Regrann also lets you save Instagram photos to your phone. You repost Instagram photos right from Instagram without leaving the app.

100% Free

SIMPLE - No need to leave Instagram

From any Instagram screen and from any Instagram user, repost Instagram photos you like, click on the 3 dots bellow the comments and select “Copy share URL”. It’s that easy! Regrann will activate and give you the choice to repost to your Instagram feed, keep to repost later, save or share with any other app that accepts photos or videos. You can repost photos or videos to your Instagram feed with just 2 clicks.

Download Photos

Instantly download Instagram photos. Regrann will save Instagram pics to your picture folder with the name of the Instagram poster.

Download Videos

Super easy to download Instagram videos so you can play them again later.

AUTHENTIC - Keep original Instagram pics and videos intact when you repost

Provide your followers with the full experience of the Instagram pics you repost, share or save. Regrann gives credit to the user when you repost Instagram photos without modifying in any way the photos and videos. When you repost Instagram photos credit is added to the caption of the photos / videos you repost.

FAST - No login required

Regrann uses the Instagram app to repost photos and videos. So, there is no need for you to login to it. Also, Regrann can be set to operate in Quick modes to repost Instagram photos and videos, saving to your device or posting later... for even higher speed.

NOTICE : Instagram users who set their photo/video to private will not show Copy URL link, so please do not try to download these photos.


- Choose to enable watermarks if you want to give even more credit when you repost Instagram photos and videos.

- Add signatures automatically. When you repost Instagram photos you can have a preset signature which can either add to the Instagram caption, or replace it completely.


  • This app is not affiliated with Instagram.
  • Any unauthorized action or repost of photo/video and/or violations of Intellectual property rights is the sole responsibility of the user.
  • Please do not use Regrann to save photos / download videos without the permission of the owners. Respect the rights of the Instagram users.
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11.12 APK
June 4, 2022
Android 5.0+
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